10 Tips for Living the Sustainable Life

Environment Friendly Living

Living the Sustainable Life

Last year, Novelis published its first annual

Sustainability Report

setting goals including increasing recycled content to 80 percent in all of our products, cutting energy usage, reducing landfill waste and decreasing the company’s green house gas emissions. But these goals aren’t just important to Novelis employees at work; many, like you, are setting goals to live more sustainably at home too. Here are some of our favorite ‘green’ tips.

  1. Kill your engine.

    If sitting in traffic is something you dread , get a bicycle. Sometimes biking — or even walking — a few miles to work or to the grocery story is better than sitting at a traffic light for an hour. Get a workout (your thighs will thank you — eventually) and, as a result, cut down on emissions from your car.

  2. Unplug your charger.

    In this day and age of constant communication, you have to charge your iPhone often. When your battery is finally done charging, unplug the charger from the socket. Otherwise, the charger will keep pulling power and all that energy is wasted.

  3. Dine in style.

    Every time you pack your lunch, think about two ways you can reduce waste. One: Bring silverware from home instead of using plastic silverware. Two: When you can, avoid the TV dinner and pack leftovers in a reusable container — like this

    reusable Eco-Clamshell


  4. Vote for paper.

    If you can’t remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store every time, always choose paper bags instead of plastic. Paper, since it comes from trees, is a renewable resource.

  5. Keep it in the family.

    Buy local food when you can. Think about how much oil is used when transporting food internationally — or even across the country. Local farms have a smaller carbon footprint since the produce they sell doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles to get to its consumers. There a


    e family farms and farmers’ markets everywhere.

    Find one near you


  6. Give aluminum a second (and maybe sixth) chance to live.

    Use the recycling bins instead of the trash cans. Any time you can toss a beverage can into the correct container, do it. Sixty days later, it will be resurrected. A single can of aluminum has the chance to be on the shelf

    six different times in one year


  7. Call before you chuck.

    So, your laptop is fried. Before you trash it, check with an IT expert and see if it can be fixed. If not, take it somewhere for recycling. Many electronic devices

    contain hazardous materials

    that could pollute the environment if they make their way to the landfill.

  8. Don’t “faux” shui your desk.

    Fake plants require no maintenance and can make your workspace feel homey. But real plants filter bad gases out of the air so you’re breathing clean oxygen.

    Check out the top ten air-purifying plants


  9. Be scrappy.

    Before you make a trip to buy office supplies, look around your desk. Is there paper everywhere? Do you need any of it anymore? If not, use the scrap and write your note on the back of it. Give your spreadsheet another purpose.

  10. Give your hard drive a nap.

    It’s all too easy to get up from your desk and leave your computer running. But if you know you won’t be back for a while, put it in a low-power mode. A low-power mode saves energy — and you won’t even lose your work. Why not take an extra step and put the computer to sleep? On a PC, go to Control Panel àDisplay àScreen Saver à Power àPower Schemes. On a Mac, go to Control Panel àEnergy Saver and follow the options. (You can give other appliances a break too just by powering off TVs, video equipment and other household electronics. That’ll save energy AND save money!)

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