23 Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Green Wedding

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ecofriendly wedding ideas for a green wedding

Go Green Without Sacrificing Style or Elegance

Every couple wants their wedding to be heartwarming. However, couples are becoming increasingly concerned with how the choices they make will affect


warming. Reduce the amount of waste generated AND save money with an eco-friendly wedding.

It’s easier than you think. Here are a 23 ideas to help you plan a green wedding.

The Save-The-Dates, Invitations and Place Cards

Go the recycled route.

Your save-the-dates and invitations are where the whole process begins. Do some research to find a card supplier that offers recycled or “tree-free” options. If you are in Maine or New Hampshire, check out

The Paper Patch

, a local retailer that offers many

eco-friendly options


Check out plantable invites.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now buy invitations that are made from post-consumer materials and embedded with wildflower seeds. Once the invitation has done it’s job, the fun from your big day can live on as guests plant the card in the ground and wait for wildflowers to sprout. Check out

Botanical Paperworks

to learn more.

Consider electronic invitations.

If you want to save on paper and postage, consider sending electronic invitations. Many websites, such as


, allow your to create beautiful custom invites.

Drop the reply cards.

RSVP’s are important, but filling out and sending RSVP cards is a hassle. Skip this step and save the paper. Register with websites such as


to let your guests RSVP online.

The registry.

Online registries have become the norm. But rather than setting up a registry, consider supporting a charity and asking your guests to donate in your name in lieu of a gift. Take things a step further and consider supporting an

eco-friendly charity


Get creative with place cards.

If you have decided to use place cards for each guest, consider merging the place card and the wedding favor. Try to choose something that they can use both during and after the reception.

Just one example is to purchase mason jars

, have them engraved with your new last name and the date, throw a small tag with the guests name and table number, and tie it on to the mouth of the jar with hemp twine. Depending on your theme, you could even create place cards out of something that you found in nature. For example, if you have a beach theme, you could gather some shells or sea glass from the beach and use a Sharpie to write names and table numbers directly on them.

The Food

and Drinks

Use locally grown/sourced food and beverages.

Sure, not everything you want may be able to be found locally. But you can begin by reaching out to local farmers or farmers markets to see what you can get from them. You can also feature local soft drinks and alcoholic beverages from local breweries and/or wineries.

Buy organic.

If something can’t be sourced locally, check for an organic option. Organically-grown foods typically create less waste and require less energy to produce. Plus they are healthier and taste better.

No leftovers left behind!

Reach out to a local homeless shelter to see if they would be interested in picking up or having the leftovers dropped off at their location. Provide to-go containers and offer for your guests to grab some food for the road. If all else fails, reach out to a local farmer to see if they could use any of it for their livestock or to create mulch. Also try composting services like

Garbage to Garden


Encourage recycling.

Set up a recycling station so guests can properly dispose of their canned or bottled beverages.

The Decorations, Flowers and Photos

Buy decor that you will use after the ceremony.

You know that your decorations are going to look fantastic. So why not let the decor live on in your home? For example, you could decorate with faux floral arrangements that won’t wilt like natural flowers, or use various items that are engraved with your new last name that you can display in your home afterwards.

Make sure the florist is organic.

Many greenhouses douse their flowers in harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment. Before you book a florist, ask if their flowers are all organically grown. Also try to opt for flowers that are in season to avoid having out-of-season or exotic flowers shipped in from other areas.

Give away centerpieces at the end of the night.

If you’re going for a more consistent look and want the centerpieces on each table to match, consider playing a game during the reception that creates a winner at every table. Make the prize the centerpiece.

Don’t let the flowers go to waste.

If there are other floral arrangements hanging around at the end of the event, don’t just throw them away. Think of other places that may be able to use them before they begin to wilt. Local retirement homes, business offices, mom and pop restaurants, etc.

Go digital with photos.

Over time, digital photography has become more common. However, many photographers still opt to print out their proofs to show the newlyweds. To make sure that you don’t wind up with hundreds of prints you may not want, talk to you photographer about viewing them digitally.

The Linens & Table Settings

Select eco-friendly linens.

Opt for linens that are made of natural fibers such as hemp, organic cotton, or recycled fabrics. You can even take it a step further and choose linen that have been colored using plant-based dyes.

Avoid single-use items.

This can be anything from plates, glasses and utensils, to napkins, table cloths and serving platters. To cut down on waste, all of these items should be reusable.

The Wedding Garments

vintage wedding dress
Consider renting your attire.

In many cases, the wedding gown(s), the bridesmaids dresses, and even the groom and groomsmen’s suits are only worn once. Don’t spend a fortune just to have these garments take up space in your closet. Renting allows you to not only look great on the wedding day, but to return the clothes after they have done their job.

Buy vintage.

If purchasing a brand new dress isn’t important to you, consider buying vintage.

Re-use Mom’s dress.

You mom (or aunt, grandmother, big sister, etc.) held onto her dress through all these years for a reason! If the dress isn’t exactly your style, ask if she will let you alter it.

After the Reception


Air travel is tough on the environment. You don’t always have to fly away to another destination for your honeymoon. Take a deeper look at your state, or even your town. Check out the local bed and breakfasts, beach houses, or lake cottages that you can escape to.

Thank you cards.

Thank you cards are very important. Just like your RSVP’s, you can opt to go digital with your thank you card. While handwritten notes are considered warmer, there are many ways to customize your thank you cards to give them a personal twist your guests will love.

Taking care of your dress.

Even if your dress appears to be clean now, there may be oils from fingerprints or other invisible spills lurking just under the surface that can

cause devastating damage to the fabric

. Don’t let a great dress go to waste. Schedule an appointment to have your dress cleaned and preserved so you can hand it down to your daughter, donate your dress to charity, or resell it to another lucky bride.

Concerned with the cleaning and preservation techniques? Don’t worry!

At Pratt Abbott, we use the GreenEarth® Cleaning process

, which is non-toxic and incredibly gentle on even the most delicate fabrics.

For more help planning your wedding,

check out The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Planning


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