35 Natural Strategies for Detoxing Your Body (#17 is WOW)

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What is Detox

Though it has recently become a trend and gained a lot of attention, the notion of detoxifying the body is really nothing new.

There was always a need to get rid of toxins that may build up in the body, though we don’t often take the time to think about this.

It was only recently that people really came to understand what this even meant, for we assumed that toxins came only through smoking or living a lifestyle with bad habits.

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Though that is certainly part of it, you may very well be taking in more toxins than you even realize each and every day.

You are breathing in environmental toxins, but you are likely also eating, drinking, and consuming toxins every single day.

After a while, this can really be taxing on your health, which further illustrates the need to detoxify!

So how can you truly detox the body? Is it enough to just quit smoking or to try and eat better?

Does this mean that you have to change your ways for the long term?

You might not want to hear it initially, but to detoxify in an effective way is very much about a total lifestyle change.

It’s not enough to just eat better, for if you aren’t exercising and turning to holistic methods for taking care of yourself, then you’re not going to be your best.

Why You Should Care

It’s also important to note that a cleanse performed every once in a while isn’t the only way to detox, though it can be part of the big picture.

This is all about changing your ways and getting back to healthy fundamental principles each and every day.

When you think about a truly healthy lifestyle, it means that you are truly practicing out with the old and bad and in with the new and good.

It means that you take care of yourself and you put thought and effort into the way you live every single day.

So when we look at what it means to detox, there are many different strategies that can help you to accomplish this.

Though performing one of these will help you to get rid of toxins in the body, if you try to aim for more than one at the same time, then it’s even better.

Eventually, as you work to change your lifestyle, you will come to see that practicing as many of these as you can simultaneously will help you to feel better.

You will also protect your health in the long term and ensure that you achieve better physical, mental, and emotional health.

That’s an important distinction, too, because you can’t possibly be your best if you don’t nurture every aspect of your health.

When you feel happy and well-balanced, the physical traits of better living come together in a really powerful way!

This Takes Time and Really Forces Lasting Lifestyle Changes To Benefit You The Most

You won’t be able to accomplish all of these strategies at the same time overnight.

It’s important to note that they take time and that’s why it’s really about working to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You may take on a few of these strategies and find that they work so well and help you to feel so good that you want to keep going.

You are going to naturally boost your immune system, which will help you to stay healthy in the short term.

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Beyond that, if you continue to detoxify your body and your lifestyle, it will help you in the prevention of disease.

There is truly no substitute for clean and healthy living, and all of these detox strategies are the vehicle to help you to get to where you want to be.

Review the list and see how you can connect to a few of these initially.

If you try to take them all on at once, it’s overwhelming and, therefore, works against your cause.

You want to see what simple changes you can make here and now, and then work to add on beyond that.

This is about making a connection to a healthier you by ushering out the harmful toxins that you are holding you back.

See How Much Better You Feel After Incorporating Just One of These Methods

You will look better, feel better, and your body will thank you—and that’s the motivation you need to keep going!

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you may even find that you can accomplish this naturally by detoxifying, though that is never the main intent of it.

No matter how healthy you are or how well you feel that you take care of yourself, there are always extra ways to detox.

The sooner that you get rid of the toxins and truly cleanse the body, the more effectively you will be taking care of it.

You will function at an optimal level and that can be felt in a really effective way.


skin will look more radiant

, you will have more energy and focus, you will stay healthier each day, you will feel happier, and you will make the most of each day.

They really are


powerful; therefore, the sooner that you learn to change your ways and incorporate these strategies, the better off you will be.

Let’s take a look at these strategies and you will soon see just how much they can improve your life and, in turn, help you to be healthier and happier because of them!


You want to be sure that you understand the idea of fasting here, for it isn’t something that you do every single day.

You could even strive to fast for a day once a month, but you do want to plan for it.

This isn’t a way of losing weight, but rather allowing your digestive tract and all of your organs to have a rest—this is the body’s opportunity to reset, recover, and then rejuvenate.

An ideal way of fasting means dedicating one day where you stay away from solid foods altogether.

Try to plan this for a weekend when you are at home because you will lack energy; therefore, you would be comfortable in your own environment and able to handle it.

You can focus on clear liquids such as water, green tea, and pure fruit and vegetable juices to help you get through the fasting period.

You may find that juicing on your own ensures that you get the nutrients that you want without any fillers.

Take this fasting time to reflect and to learn to listen to your body.

Give the body the opportunity that it needs to recover from all of the stress it goes through each day.

Make this a time for physical rest, but allow for mental and emotional recuperation too.

Take it slow on this dedicated day and use the appropriate liquids simply to help you in gaining some energy that you need.

Never look at fasting as a way of losing weight and don’t try to perform it too often; you would actually be depriving your body of what it needs.

True fasting is only performed once in a while to let your body have a break and then come back even better than before.

Know that you are doing this to help recharge the organs and ensure that you are not weighed

down by toxins


Fasting works well in conjunction with other strategies; therefore, it serves as a great starting point in the process.

Quit The Bad Habits

You are never going to be able to be your best if you are smoking, drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, or engaging in an ongoing cycle of bad diets.

The only way to truly detoxify the body is to quit these bad habits and learn to focus on healthier living instead.

Many people don’t want to hear this, but these bad habits are truly holding you back and are actually contributing to your problems.

Every time that you smoke or drink too much alcohol, you are

actually introducing toxins into the body


This is working against you being your best.

Therefore, it’s not an ideal way to life and it will never contribute to a truly healthy lifestyle.

The only way to really be your best and detoxify your body is to get rid of the toxins and the bad habits that are holding you back.

Though it may be hard and it’s certainly a process, quit smoking and really learn to control your alcohol and caffeine consumption once and for all.

Though this is easier said than done, the sooner you quit the bad habits, the sooner you can help to cleanse the body and prepare for better health.

Furthermore, engaging in the cycle of skipping meals and then overindulging is doing nothing good for your health; you have to learn to give your body the fuel that it needs.

Out with the old and in with the new—getting rid of these bad habits today can ensure that you can usher in a much healthier lifestyle that supports detoxification moving forward.

Turn to Probiotics

We hear a lot about harmful bacteria because this is what can hold you back.

What you may not realize is that you do need healthy bacteria typically found in a food like yogurt.

Probiotics that help to restore balance are a supplement that you can take each and every day as they are good bacteria that your body needs.

Though you may not realize the impact of having too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria, you will soon see what a dramatic difference probiotics can really make.

There are a number of different probiotics supplements out there and you want to look for the most pure.

You don’t want filler; you want to focus on a supplement in this capacity which has a short ingredient list containing the two good strains of bacteria that you need.

Though yogurt can help, you typically won’t eat enough of it to make much of an impact on your health.

You can help to usher out the bad bacteria by introducing probiotics; at the same time you would be contributing to a “healthy gut”.

This is especially important for those who suffer from digestive issues.

You may find that detoxifying and introducing good bacteria actually helps you to work through the

digestive symptoms

that you have had.

When you have too many toxins in your diet and your life, one of the first places that they tend to gather is, of course, the stomach and the

digestive tract


Though clean and healthy living will help to combat this, you actually need to restore balance to this vital part of your body and your health.

By taking a probiotics supplement every day, you introduce that good bacteria into the gut, which is a really important step.

You may very well notice that after only a few days, you feel better.

If you suffer from constipation, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, or stomach discomfort of any kind, these symptoms will subside when you focus on probiotics.

You are using them to restore good bacteria and balance, but you are also helping to detoxify your body in the process.

You are balanced and you can feel that readily in better digestive health.

This also means that you are naturally getting rid of the toxins that once caused you so many problems, creating a much healthier internal environment in the process!

Drink More Water

You probably don’t realize just how important water is.

Sure, most of us tend to drink water throughout the day, but there’s a good chance that you’re not drinking enough of it.

We also tend to look to water when we’re trying to lose weight or curb our appetite, but the truth is that proper water consumption is an essential element of a truly healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to detoxifying specifically, water is by far one of the most important ways to help get rid of the toxins that have built up in your body over time.

Don’t go by the standard amounts that you hear either, because they are usually cutting you short in terms of what you really need.

Though drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is a great starting point, you may need significantly more when it comes to detoxifying the body and starting anew.

A good rule of thumb is to drink about 90 ounces of water throughout the day if you are focusing on detoxifying specifically.

This will obviously vary depending on your gender, size, and overall body make up, but it gives you a good starting point to work off of.

This level will go up even more if you are also exercising, which you should be as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Try to keep in mind that you are drinking water not only to keep hydrated, but also to flush out the toxins.

This means that the more water that you drink, the more you will get your kidneys and liver working at their optimal level.

You don’t want to try and drink all of the recommended liquid at once; space it out with water consumption all day long.

Water is truly your best friend in flushing out the body, getting your organs functioning properly, and ushering out the toxins that have built up over time.

You will feel the positive effects of this right away and you will also find that you get used to drinking more water in no time at all.

Get Regular Massages

We’re not talking about a massage to relax here, though this is always an added benefit for managing your stress.

When you make regular massages a part of your regimen, you will find that it helps you in a whole new way.

Sure, you relax and help your body to get rid of the common aches and pains, but it goes much further than that.

If you get a professional massage, then it helps the body to get rid of toxins and this is also where water plays a vital role in your ability to detoxify.

If you go to a trained massage therapist, then they are going to push on your pressure points, which helps to get rid of the stress that you feel.

They are also going to find places where you have lactic acid build up; for example, in your neck or back .

These are the typical spots where toxins have built up and you may even experience some pain as a result of this.

When you are relaxed and enjoying the massage, it is helping to release the toxins that have built up and then it’s up to you to continue to flush them out of the body.

Those very same areas that cause you the most pain and discomfort are very likely the parts of your body that carry your tension.

As the stress builds up and the toxins continue to get stored in your body, you may experience an increased number of physical symptoms.

By getting regular massages, you help to unleash these toxins.

When you drink plenty of water, especially after a massage, you help to push out those toxins through urination.

The massage is the starting point and it goes hand in hand with increased water consumption.

This is how you get rid of those toxins once and for all and ensure that you get healthier through the wonderful vehicle of massage.

Use Essential Oils

We have a tendency to turn to medicine every time something ails us.

There are plenty of times when medicine is necessary, but there are also times when you can turn to more natural methods to help you.

When you feel a symptom initially or if you just aren’t feeling yourself, then you may find that essential oils are quite helpful in this capacity.

You can use them directly on the body at the source of the problem or you can diffuse them to breathe them in through the air.

Essential oils are not a substitute for medicine, but they can work to help you as an indirect way of getting rid of toxins.

They appeal to your sense of smell and they also help you to cope with physical symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Using a peppermint oil, for example, may help to ease stomach discomfort.

Using an oil such as eucalyptus or even lemon can help to ease normal symptoms of a common cold.

They can act as your first step in trying to ease what ails you; therefore, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using them.

When you are performing a cleanse or even trying to create a healthier environment, breathing in diffused essential oils can really help you.

Not only can they help to ease physical symptoms, but they may also lift your emotional and mental health.

There is great power in using these pure and effective oils if you want to detoxify and help to reset your health in a really enjoyable way.

Replace Coffee with Green Tea

You may love that morning cup of coffee, but you may actually be hurting yourself over time if you overdo it.

Though caffeine may not be as damaging as other substances such as alcohol, there is not enough known to truly understand the impact.

Though one cup may not necessarily hurt you, most of us don’t know when to stop and we tend to overdo it when it comes to loving our coffee.

That excess caffeine may actually be turning into a toxin in your body over a long period of time.

Caffeine isn’t a nutrient and is, therefore, not giving your body anything good or helpful.

If your body doesn’t readily recognize a substance, then this substance can be stored as a toxin because the body doesn’t know what to do with it.

Compare and contrast coffee with green tea and you will see why making this one simple swap can do so much for you.

Consider for a moment that green tea has antioxidants which can help to go after and get rid of toxins in the body; and the benefits don’t end there!

Though green tea does have some caffeine, it’s a negligible amount.

Coffee may help to wake you up in the morning, but it doesn’t give you anything important in the way of nutrients.

Green tea can help you to detoxify every single day if you drink enough of it.

Though this does mean swapping out that morning coffee, it will only take a short while to get used to and you are helping yourself every single day.

The antioxidants in green tea simply can’t be matched and so with every steaming cup, you are doing something good for yourself.

Try Home Remedies

You may not realize it, but you have some important detoxifying agents within your very own kitchen.

There are some household items that have antibacterial and

antiseptic properties


Therefore, they act as a natural way of detoxifying by simply being added to your diet each and every day.

If you have an ailment such as a cough, for example, then these home remedies may be better than anything for helping you to get healthier.

It’s a wise idea to take honey and cinnamon every single day as a way of detoxifying.

Though you can wait to use them when you feel sick, you can work proactively to support your health if you get into the habit of taking them every single day.

If you go with a

natural raw honey

, it may even help you to build up immunity to allergens that you have suffered with.

These are seriously powerful substances, and they are likely within your pantry right now.

Try to get into the habit of taking at least one teaspoonful each day to help you be your best.

Many people find that turning to home remedies on a proactive basis helps to naturally detoxify.

In addition to honey and cinnamon, you may also find that apple cider vinegar and garlic also have the same antibacterial properties.

You help to create a clean canvas and you will contribute to better health.

You can use these as natural ways to detoxify and you may also find that they can help if you do get sick as well.

Sometimes natural home remedies are truly the best way to protect your health and these are prefect examples of that!

Replace a Meal with a Smoothie

Many people tend to think that meal replacements are an unhealthy way of losing weight.

That’s not the purpose here, nor should it be your approach for depriving yourself.

The key here is to take in your fruits and veggies in one package that a smoothie can offer.

You need the nutrients found within fruits and veggies because they can help to protect your health and this may also help you to detoxify.

Try to put together a smoothie that offers you a lot of great nutrients because this will help you to give your body what it really needs.

A good example is combining berries, apples, spinach, carrots, kale, and chia seeds with some almond milk for a powerful smoothie.

This can help you to take in key nutrients, but may also help you in resetting and, therefore, detoxifying.

By replacing one meal with a smoothie that incorporates nutritious foods into one package, you stay away from other foods that may hurt you.

A good green smoothie is superior to most foods and helps you to get rid of built up toxins with the antioxidants present in many of these foods.

Never overdo it; one smoothie per day as a form of meal replacement is likely all that you need.

See how much better you feel and know that it is working behind the scenes to help you.

Turn to Exercise

There is nothing better than a good sweat session and this is proof of that!

Though we tend to look at exercise as simply a way of losing weight, it has great power in helping you to detoxify.

Every time you get the organs working by sweating and putting your body in motion, you are helping to move along and flush out toxins.

It does take hard work and dedication to create an effective exercise regimen, but it’s well worth it.

When you are exercising, you are giving your body what it wants.

If this is part of a healthy lifestyle, then it’s even better for you as you are complementing your activity with nutritious foods and methods of taking care of yourself.

You are sweating out toxins and when you hydrate after a good workout, you are also helping to flush out additional toxins in this way.

When you exercise on a regular basis, you help to keep the toxins moving out.

When you replace the wrong foods with good healthy nutritious foods, you have less of a toxin build up to begin with.

You start to see how these various strategies for detoxifying work in conjunction and this is a perfect example.

Try to make exercise a true priority and look at it as a wonderful way of rewarding your body, a truly kind act for your body and your health.

Exercise is one of the most fundamental ways to detoxify your body; when you sweat it out and work hard, you are doing something wonderful to create better long term health.


It’s not just about detoxifying your body, but your mind as well.

When you can get to a good positive mental state, your actual physical health improves too.

Meditation is one truly effective way to get rid of stress and help yourself to reset, no matter what the day has brought you.

Toxins can come in any form and

stress is one of the biggest culprits

; so when you work to eliminate it, you help to detoxify in a really effective way.

Meditation doesn’t need to be anything formal, but it should be a priority.

Set a place in your home designated just for meditating, free from any distractions.

This is your time to focus on nothing but your breathing and to detach from the rest of the world.

You can visualize something positive or just focus on your breathing alone.

The point is to get rid of any stress built up in your body and to just relax until you come to a place where you are much happier and healthier.

Though detoxification happens through a lot of physical efforts, sometimes the mental and emotional ones are just as important.

Getting into the healthy habit of meditation ensures that you give yourself a chance to relax and get rid of what is bothering you.

Over time, this can actually help you to achieve better health and these methods can help you through anything you experience in your day—toxins will no longer be a problem for you!

Manage Stress

Again, it’s very important to remember just how harmful stress can be to you in your everyday life.

If you don’t learn how to manage your stress, it can get the better of you, contribute to health problems, and, therefore, turn into toxins in the body.

A big part of detoxifying is to get rid of that stress or at least learn how to manage it.

Stress equals toxins, so do your part to minimize both.

How you learn to manage your stress may be a very individual thing.

You may find that meditation or visualization helps you tremendously.

Your best “go to” solution may be turning to yoga or exercise, or simply taking deep breaths.

The point is that you find something that works for you and then you run with it.

You want to have this method in place so when you do encounter stress, you have something to turn to and minimize its impact in your life.

Though stress is inevitable in general, if you can find ways to manage yours and lessen its negative impact, then you will be much better off for it.

If you don’t get a hold of stress, it can lead to many health problems over time.

Therefore, this habit is a very important strategy for detoxifying.

Never underestimate just how important this is and learn to lessen just how much of a force stress is in your life overall.

Make Sleep a Priority

Remember that in order to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, you need to take good care of yourself.

If you aren’t making sleep a true priority, then you are cutting yourself short in a really significant way.

Sleep is your one time a day when you allow your body to recover, recharge, and rejuvenate for the next day.

If you aren’t giving your body a chance to do this, then you are going to feel the negative impact of this over time.

Far too many of us place little emphasis on sleep or look at it as more of a luxury.

What happens when we don’t get enough sleep is we lose focus, productivity, and energy, which can hurt us in the short term.

If we continue down this path of a lack of sleep, it can weaken our immune system, thus making us more likely to get sick more easily.

The answer is to make a good night of sleep a true priority so that you can be your healthiest and best for the day ahead.

Sleeping well each night may also help to eliminate the

buildup of toxins

, mostly because your organs have recharged and are ready to do their job.

Change your outlook on sleep and just how important it is and you will see how much better you feel in the short term.

Imagine just how much healthier this can be over time and you will come to appreciate the detoxifying power of sleep every night.

Eat More Fiber

“You are what you eat” – that old adage really holds true if you understand it.

There is great power in the right foods and fiber is a perfect example of that.

If you suffer from any digestive issues or stomach discomfort, these physical symptoms are likely telling you that you are not getting enough fiber.

This is a crucial element in helping to move the digestive process along and thus ensuring that things you consume or ingest aren’t stored as toxins.

If you eat improperly or if you engage in unhealthy habits, you may find that you end up bloating.

This is your body’s reaction when it has too much of something like salt and not enough of something like fiber.

Though this occurrence happening on one given day isn’t a problem, think about the negative implications of this happening time and time again.

If you’re not getting enough fiber then you are not helping to move things along as they should through digestion. Fiber truly is that important!

Fiber is a really important part of a healthy diet and can be found in fruits and vegetables as well as beans and legumes.

You want to try to add something fiber-rich into every meal as this will really help you to detoxify all day long.

You get rid of what your body doesn’t need and then it holds onto what is truly beneficial, such as nutrients.

Fiber is like a natural cleanse, but an attainable one that you can enjoy every day for true and lasting benefits.

Avoid Harmful Environmental Toxins

You don’t want to find out that the

environmental toxins

which you were exposed to did some long term damage when it’s too late.

There are many people who have health problems later on in life due to exposure to things such as harmful fumes, secondhand smoke, and smog or other environmental toxins.

Though you may not be able to avoid all of them, you want to do your part to minimize your exposure.

If you do smoke, then quit; if you are consistently exposed to secondhand smoke, then try your best to avoid it.

If you work in a profession or live in an environment with a lot of potential pollutants, do your part to minimize exposure or get some good clean fresh air whenever possible.

This isn’t always easy, but know that any effort that you put in will pay off tremendously.

If you are breathing in these pollutants and toxins, they will eventually be stored within the body.

By avoiding the harmful environmental toxins, particularly something like secondhand smoke, you are helping to detoxify every day.

This will protect you in the short term and ensure that you don’t have long term health problems as well.

Use Chiropractic Services

If you have never tried chiropractic services, then there is no better time than right now.

It is a wonderful way of getting an adjustment and moving out toxins that may have built up in the body over time.

Just as you would get a massage to move out toxins, chiropractic services can work much in the same way and can help to complement therapeutic massage.

When you find a good chiropractor, they can help you pinpoint your problem areas.

Though this procedure is like a massage, in a sense, it is slightly different in that you are getting adjustments.

This is ultimately helping you to target the areas that cause you pain or discomfort and it may even help to relieve some of your most pressing medical problems as well.

You can help to relieve and even solve everything from sinus problems to constant neck or back ache with regular adjustments.

You are, of course, helping to get rid of any toxins built up that may even be contributing to the problem areas.

Try a few adjustments and see for yourself just how much better you feel; this can help to prove that this form of detoxification can work well for you.

Though you might not think of this as a traditional detox strategy, it can really help to alleviate your problems and ensure that you have a healthier foundation moving forward.

Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

This is one of the best possible detox strategies that you can adopt.

You want to be sure that the drink involves just fresh squeezed lemon juice in preferably hot water.

You also want to be sure to drink this lemon water first thing in the morning to get the most detox benefits out of it.

You may also find that you like the results so much that you enjoy drinking lemon water throughout the day; but to get the most out of it, start on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

What lemon water does is help restore balance and start you off with a clean slate, so to speak.

It also helps to usher out any toxins that may be in your system and ensures that you rev up your metabolism and help digestion occur more effectively by drinking this beverage before any other consumption.

There are many health benefits to drinking lemon water first thing in the morning – most notably, it can help to detox the body before any other process begins.

To ensure that you stick with this for the long term, commit to drinking the beverage when you first wake up for a few weeks; you will then get used to this habit and start every day off this way.

You may not notice the results readily, but you can rest assured that you are doing something good for your body and helping to get the detox process working for you.

Add More Superfoods to your Diet

There is great power in eating right and we know that it can help with everything from weight loss to preventing disease.

What you may not realize is that some foods in particular help you to detox because of some of the nutrients and healthy substances that they contain.

When we look at super foods, for example, they have some tremendous benefits in helping to fight bacteria, germs, and toxins in the body.

Though a well-balanced diet is beneficial, super foods in particular are where all of the power is.

Think of fruits and vegetables that are deep and rich in color such as spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, citrus fruit, and apples.

They contain antioxidants that help to go after and combat bacteria and foreign substances in the body which can translate to toxins and even preventable disease.

You also want to add some good fats that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids as they can help with a number of different health issues.

Foods such as salmon, tuna, avocado, olive oil, almonds, and flaxseeds are good examples.

In addition to these nutritionally superior foods, also be sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet that also features whole grains, lean proteins, and beans and legumes.

Use Coconut Oil

This may seem outlandish to you at first, but you will soon come to see just how helpful it can be.

The reality is that a lot of personal care products such as shampoo, deodorant, and even lotion may contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

You think that you’re doing something good for your own personal care and yet this can create a harmful potential toxic build up over a long period of time and, in turn, increase your risk of cancer.

The simple answer is to turn to a natural substitute such as coconut oil, which can act as the personal care item.

You help yourself by using a natural cleanser or moisturizer that offers all of the same benefits without the drawbacks.

You eliminate the potential toxic buildup that the chemicals in so many personal care items may introduce and are, therefore, helping to detox.

It may take a bit of time to get used to, but try using coconut oil for just one application and see how well it works for you.

In no time at all you will be hooked on how well it works, how natural it is, and how much better you feel by making a simple switch that gives you everything that you need in a much healthier way.

Turn to Cleansing Supplements

There are some supplements that you can turn to for a very direct and impactful detox effect; therefore, it’s wise to utilize them when you can.

A few examples of the very best detox supplements include milk thistle, dandelion root, choline, and even magnesium and zinc.

You may find that using these supplements in addition to probiotics helps to give you the best effects.

You always want to get guidance and ensure that you are using them the right way.

Be sure of dosage and know going in of any possible interactions or side effects.

You may find that a little goes a long way, but if you utilize these detoxification supplements regularly, you won’t have the need for a full-fledged cleanse as often.

Try to integrate them into a healthy lifestyle, particularly if you are feeling sluggish or even sick.

These supplements can help to clean out what may be weighing you down and that is often what good detoxification is all about.

Get rid of those toxins, bacteria, and germs using the most natural and effective substances out there and make this a fixture in your new healthier lifestyle.

As with anything, these supplements may take some getting used to, but they have so many positive attributes that they are well worth the adjustment period.

Add More Pure Vitamins and Minerals

Along with the truly targeted detox supplements, you also want to be sure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Many people tend to think that their food supply is enough to give them the nutrients that they need, but you often can’t eat enough to help you detox and get healthier.

If you become deficient in any of these nutrients, this can lead to a whole host of health problems.

Another thing to consider is that taking proper amounts of the needed vitamins and minerals can help to boost your immune system.

This means that even if you do come into contact with germs or toxins, you are much more likely and able to fight them off.

A good multivitamin is always a good idea because it helps to fill in gaps, but you may also wish to increase your intake of certain nutrients to ensure that you don’t become deficient.

Be sure to add emphasis to certain nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

If you take in enough nutrients, you are helping to proactively detox.

You will find that you don’t get sick as often and that you are much healthier on a daily basis.

If you take these vitamins and minerals in addition to the aforementioned supplements and combine that with a truly healthy lifestyle, then you can stay ahead of any possible pollutants in your life.

Though you may have always known that taking vitamins and minerals on a daily basis was important, now you can see firsthand just


important it is.

You can enjoy the benefits and detox in a proactive and very beneficial way.

This is how you learn to protect your health and also combine proactive methods with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle because they work hand in hand!

Sweat it out in a Sauna

You might not believe this one because it seems too obvious, but it really is true.

Though you most certainly wouldn’t want to go into a


daily because it does put you into an extreme heat, doing so even

once per week

can work wonders.

Sometimes you do need to sweat it out and this can be particularly helpful if you find that you are feeling sick, lacking energy, or even if you are coming down with something.

You may even find that sweating it out in a sauna on a regular basis helps you to prevent illness or restores balance; this is because the procedure is working well as a detox strategy for you.

An important thing to remember is to limit how long you sit in a sauna so that you don’t end up doing harm by trying to do something good.

It can work extremely well to hit a sauna after a good sweaty workout session because it would mean solidifying the results of the exercise and taking them to the next level.

Sitting in a sauna means exposing yourself to hot dry air, which is the perfect environment for lifting the toxins out of your body and getting rid of them in your system.

Putting it quite simply, you are literally sweating all the toxins out as you sit in that hot environment.

Though too much of this direct exposure could be detrimental, this can work as a highly effective detox strategy in a limited and controlled amount.

You may understand that this working for you as you come out feeling healthier and more balanced.

It can be a bit uncomfortable at the time, but know that good things are happening as this procedure pulls all of the bad toxins out of your system directly through your skin.

Practice Hydrotherapy

This works much in the same way as spending time in a sauna does.

The difference here is that you can really control the temperature of the water, the amount of exposure that you get, and even the frequency with which you practice hydrotherapy.

If you take hot steamy showers often then you may already be practicing this and not even realize it, which is great.

There’s not a lot of science to it, but the steamier, the better in the long run.

To put this strategy to the test for yourself, think of how you would utilize the steam from a hot shower when you have a stuffy nose.

You breathe in the steam and it helps to open up your passageways.

The more you breath in the hot steam, the better you feel and so the cycle continues.

If you take these hot steamy showers often and you practice hydrotherapy in this way, then you are helping to detox regularly.

This means that those toxins stand no chance and that you are much healthier and balanced because of it.

Try to get into the habit of taking a hot steamy shower a couple of times per week and see how much better you feel.

It’s a wonderful way of releasing tension, clearing out the body of what may ail you, and starting over with a clean slate, which is a big part of what detoxification really is in the first place.

Massage Pressure Points

We’ve already discussed the virtues of regular massage, particularly as it relates to working as an effective detox strategy.

Now, it’s time to understand how this can work for you when you are targeting your pressure points and massaging them each and every day.

This may sound like a simplistic method, but you will be surprised at how well it works.

This takes massage, acupuncture, and detoxification to a whole new level and it’s all within your control and easy to put into practice.

You have several pressure points on your body and this is where a lot of your tension may reside.

The most notable ones are the meaty part of your palm in between your thumb and forefinger, your temples, and the high point of your arch on the ball of your foot.

It may work best to massage these pressure points when you put on lotion each morning or each night.

The point is that you get into a habit of massaging and putting light pressure on them and it will help you to detox in a rather enjoyable way that you can handle on your own.

Of course, therapeutic and professional massage is always the way to go, but this is something that you can impact on a daily basis.

By targeting these pressure points specifically, you can relieve the tension that you feel and ultimately release any toxin build up.

It only takes a few minutes of your day and really feels good; it’s something easy to commit to and to execute each day.

This procedure is worth trying and it may even help you with common daily ailments such as headaches or stomach discomfort, or even common aches and pains.

Cut out Medications

Yes, there is a need for medication in some instances and you simply can’t get away from it.

In many cases though, the over-the-counter medications that you take for headaches or other common ailments may be doing more harm than good.

If you turn to home remedies such as herbal supplements or even common household items, you may get the relief that you need and not actually contribute to the toxicity level within your body—this is how you detox on a regular basis!

The problem is that while these medications give you temporary relief from what is ailing you, they may actually translate to toxic build-up in your body.

Though these medications seem to offer you a solution, the body doesn’t know what to do with them after their use.

If you aren’t drinking enough water, you aren’t flushing potential pollutants like this out of your system and, therefore, you are going to have an undesirable build-up over time.

If you replace some of these more common and potentially unnecessary medications with home remedies, you help to use a more natural cure which your body can utilize and then flush out as it was intended to.

By making the switch, you help to find a more natural solution, but more importantly than that, you help to detox and prevent future health problems.

Think about what you are taking and ask yourself if it’s truly necessary; then try to understand if these substances could spell potential danger in the future.

You will then know if the medication is really necessary or if making the healthier substitution serves as a natural detox method in the end.

Turn to Yoga

We’ve discussed extensively what exercise can do for you and why it’s so important as a detox strategy.

When you turn to yoga, you are helping to take this one step further; you really get into the true benefits of such exercise.

By performing yoga regularly, you are helping to detox and benefit not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well.

This is your way of resetting and helping the body get to a better state moving forward.

As you move through the various yoga poses, you are definitely building strength and flexibility, but it goes much further than this.

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