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Environment Friendly Living

Plus save money & feel good while doing it!

There’s a reason why so many people are talking about it. Living eco friendly makes you feel good…and it’s the more penny-wise option. It really does make more cents.

Eco friendly living is becoming a passion for many people, communities and organizations.

The climate change hocus pocus

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding climate change. Particularly among scientists, politicians, and oil companies debating its severity. Is it worth our time? Is it a hoax? We won’t get into the nitty-gritty scientific, socio-political issues about climate change/global warming.

Long story short:

it’s real

. It’s happening. And there ARE reasonable things you can do to help and make your life better!

Eco friendly baby steps

Of course, you could start a major social movement targeting financial institutions and the government. OR, you can casually start doing eco friendly things at your own pace. There are small and

super easy

steps you can take to make a

big difference.

At METRIN, we do everything we can to reduce harm to our environment.

You don’t have to change your life but you can make small, simple adjustments every other day.

Becoming eco friendly is a personal choice. You can increase your awareness and decrease consumption of resources, with minimal effort. Start by acknowledging how you choose to heat your home, how you travel and how you use water. Consider


your products come from,


they are made and


they are being sold. Are the products you use recyclable? METRIN’s bottles and packaging are.

It’s the little things

For daily self-improvements, conservation is key. There are plenty of little things we can do every day to contribute to an eco friendly life. You can start with small changes around the house and good habits to teach your kids.

Try picking out a few eco friendly actions yo­­u’re not already doing, and turn them into habits by the New Year!

38 eco friendly things you can start doing right now:

  1. Garden – grow your own fruits and veggies (saves $)
  2. Cook from scratch
  3. Eat less meat
  4. Compost – return what comes from the ground, back to the ground
  5. Collect rainwater to water your household plants
  6. Shop local
  7. Buy used
  8. Use re-usable bags!
  9. Buy a reusable water bottle
  10. Open the curtains instead of turning on a light
  11. Hang clothes to dry (I use my kitchen during the winter)
  12. Use cloth napkins instead of paper towels
  13. Turn off the tap
  14. Use a slow-flow showerhead (cut that water bill in half)
  15. Take shorter showers
  1. Turn off the lights. Turn off the lights.
  2. Save gas! Combine all your errands into one trip
  3. Carpool
  4. Drive the speed limit
  5. Take the bus
  6. Or walk instead
  7. Buy a bicycle! Has it been a while since you rode a bike? See, the thing about riding a bike…
  8. Replace your light bulbs – make sure they’re using less electricity (saves $)
  9. Switch one appliance to an energy efficient model (saves $ in the long run)
  10. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot
  11. Dispose batteries and old technology properly…
  1. Throw away less packaging, re-use it for something creative!
  2. Go paperless, cancel your newspaper subscription and read the news online
  3. Shut down your computer at night
  4. Close the windows when the heat is on
  5. Insulate your home
  6. Don’t heat an empty house
  7. Ask your power company about green power; solar, geothermal, biomass, wind turbine
  9. Buy Local!
  10. Research the companies you buy from – yes, METRIN is an eco friendly company 🙂
  11. Share the knowledge!

38. Unplug everything – including yourself.

Go outside! Enjoy the fresh air and be grateful for the beauty that surrounds and sustains us.

Earth friendly products

Making a bigger eco impact

Unfortunately, our world’s resources are not unlimited. But we


be more eco friendly. There are many lifestyle changes you can try. Did you know, the amount of resources we use to feed our farm animals is enough for the entire planet to live off of, and essentially, solve world hunger? Seriously, the amount of plants, grains and water the animals we farm need to consume is enough to feed the entire world!

Our farming industry today includes millions of animals that require MASSIVE amounts of plants, grains and water to eat, so that we can then eat those animals. You know, we could take out the middle m


) and just go straight to the source. (Yes, I’m suggesting going vegetarian or vegan). HERE ME OUT!

What’s the beef

So, why don’t most people want to become vegetarian or vegan? Well sure, meat is delicious! And it’s part of our “main food groups”. But, our nutritional guides are outdated.


Keep in mind, the meat and dairy industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Think about the religious, social and entertainment-oriented experiences you’ve had with food. It’s been ingrained into us from an early age.

Did you know the hormones in dairy products promote acne, cancer and heart disease?


Government institutions have intertwined meat and dairy into our schools, media and healthcare. For so many reasons; mostly profit. There’s an abundance of studies to prove humans can (and do) live longer and healthier lives as vegetarians or vegans.


Yes, there are delicious and cheap alternatives to meat and dairy products. So why not think about a change?

For better health, more beautiful skin, a better environment and more money in your pocket.

The goal is to make sure people and the planet live long…and prosper!

Consider how your lifestyle can help conserve and protect our natural resources. Consider how you can be more eco friendly. If we all do our part, the faster we can create a sustainable world for our children… THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!


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