5 Easy Tips to Make this year a Green & Eco-friendly Easter

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“Have you come to believe because you have seen me?

Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” —John 20:29

“Twenty people are coming for Easter and I’m dying over here!”

Easter is a wonderful day that deserves great celebration, but does the idea of having a bunch of people over Easter overwhelm you, especially when you’re trying so hard to go green? Are paper plates, plastic silverware, and disposable take-home containers tempting you to go against your new green goals?

Be Eco-Friendly Strong!

Don’t let celebration days take you away from your green goals! Here are a few simple and affordable tips to make this Easter green & joyful!

1. Say “NO”

to Disposables!



easy to be tempted by disposables —

fight it!

When you start your planning with a strong eco-friendly “no” mindset, it will make everything easier. Give yourself permission to stay true to your green goals and use your creativity!

2. Don’t Feel Pressured to Make it Perfect!

Use what you have! Pull out the good dishes, borrow some from a friend or neighbor, or be eclectic and go with more than one pattern, color, or style of dishes. You can tie the look together with a pretty tablecloth, matching napkins and your decor. Creativity sparks beauty!

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3. Green Thrift Style,

New to You!

Don’t have enough dishes or decor? Thrift it! They have TONS

(almost literally!)

of dishes, stemware, serving pieces and vases. Beautiful reusable pieces that can make your Easter celebration sparkle and shine with the joys of Easter without breaking the bank or adding to the

“it’s gotta be new”

consumption pattern.

4. Use What God has Given You!

Spring is full of natural beauty & it’s all just outside your door

— or in your neighbor’s yard!

What can be more green than using the gifts of God’s earth? A simple vase of snowdrops, crocuses, pansies or even witch hazel can make a very pretty centerpiece or accent for your decor. If you’re lucky or live in a mild climate, you might be blessed with daffodils, tulips, and forsythia, all which can give you a pop of the gorgeous colors of spring!

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5. Ask Your Guests to

Bring It!

Reusable leftover containers that is! Not only is it OK to let people know that you are going green, but it’s awesome when you do! We are all part of the call to “care for our common home,” Pope Francis says, and this is a great opportunity to invite people along for the journey by your example!

When you’re trying to go green, celebrations can be a challenge and give us a sense of overwhelm,


failure, or both. Don’t let it happen to you! Having the right mindset, good planning and a bit of creativity can make your celebrations both eco-friendly and joyful!

Happy Easter & God bless!!

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! Read it

















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