8 Tips on Having an Eco-Friendly Move

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8 Tips on Having an Eco-Friendly Move

Moving house can be both an expensive and wasteful activity. There is a way, however, that your move can be cheaper and at the same time, a lot more eco friendly. What most people have to realize is that eco friendly moves are actually a lot cheaper than having a move that puts a huge drain on the eco system. So it makes no sense at all to not want an eco friendly move.

Here are the top tips you can follow for eco friendly moving. Plus, it will be an enjoyable and smooth move.

1. Sell your belongings

Have a good clear out and get rid of anything you no longer need or want or use. It will only cost you more money when you have to move it to your new home. If you have some decent things that you no longer use, sell them! You will earn money by doing that and save money because there will be less to put in the removal van.

2. Donate your belongings

If you are not too bothered about earning any money from your unwanted items, consider donating it to charity. This is a kind gesture and it will save you money, even if it does not earn you anything.

3. Rent boxes

Did you know you actually rent plastic boxes now? It’s the truth. You can rent them for a certain period of time and it will cost you a lot less than buying cardboard boxes. On top of that, it’s an environmentally friendly approach to packing.

4. Reuse

Once you have moved or if you have moved before, don’t be afraid to reuse your packing materials. You might have some really good quality boxes that never got damaged or weak in the last move. If so, use them again, for your next move. It will save you so much money. If you have to buy your materials this time, be sure to keep them until next time.

5. DIY materials

You actually have a lot of packing materials lying around your home that you wouldn’t know about. Things like your socks, blankets, bags, pillows and old t-shirts are really useful for packing breakable items. This will also eliminate using any more packing materials when you move.

6. Put everything into boxes

You don’t want to waste any space so make sure all of your items are packed in boxes, packaged well to prevent breakage, and taped up well so nothing falls apart. You want to take all precautions to ensure the safety of your belongings so that nothing gets damaged at all, in any way.

7. Clean with green cleaning products

Eco friendly moving can be easy as long as you use the right products. When you leave your old house, you will have to clean, and when you move into your new home, you are going to have to clean up. When you clean, be sure to clean using eco friendly products. They should be non toxic and biodegradable. If you hire professional cleaners, make sure they use eco friendly cleaning supplies.

8. Buy used furniture and items

It is so amazing what you can find in second hand stores and on ebay nowadays. You can get hold of some amazing pieces of furniture and other house items for a really great price. It won’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Furnishing your house can be really affordable if you shop in charity stores, thrift stores, and purchase used items off ebay. You won’t believe what you can get for your money.

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