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Earth Day is coming up on April 22


and Arbor Day falls soon after on April 29


. There are many tips for Going Green in the office to support our planet and reduce our carbon footprints. Check out the blog posted in 2014 regarding

Going Green

. In this blog post, we discussed the importance of going green for more than just one day a year. We need to focus on topics such as energy use, littering, climate change and plastic waste. As a whole, what can we do for our planet to ensure it stays beautiful and does not collapse amongst our lack care for it?

The 2016 Earth Day theme is to plant trees. Do you have a space around your office that would allow you to donate a tree to be planted? Their goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees by their 50


anniversary, which is in 5 years. You can register your event


if you wish to participate this year. Can’t plant a tree? That’s okay, they offer other ways to participate in Earth Day through




, and other

take action


Designed Wellness has many resources to help you bring attention to your office. We offer a

Lunch and Learn

you can present to your office to bring awareness to the “Going Green” initiative. We have also included supporting resources such as the slide deck of the presentation, a

tip sheet

on how to be greener, and posters. It is important to realize, you cannot make massive changes overnight. Pick a few ideas to implement among your office to encourage others to be green. The tip sheet is a great place to start with those ideas.

Looking for additional tips? Check out the below resources for more ideas on how to make your office greener:

25 Go Green Ideas for the Office that will Rock Your World

What tips or tricks does your office currently implement to be earth friendly?

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