All Kuraray MAGIC TAPE Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Become Eco-Friendly

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Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Become Eco-Friendly

October 9, 2007

Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.

(The Kuraray Group)


Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Osaka, President: Mitsuhiko Takaoka; hereafter “Kuraray Fastening”), manufacturer and marketer of




, hook-and-loop fasteners announced its decision to reshape the production standards of all its woven


hook-and-loop fastener products with the aim of reducing the environmental burden of its operations. To this end, the Company has commenced a full-scale shift to Eco-Friendly


manufacturing methods that is planned for completion in fiscal 2009.

In line with the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and society’s heightened awareness of global environmental issues, the Kuraray Group established the Medium-Term Environmental Plan (covering the years from fiscal 2001 to 2005) and is actively engaged in environmental preservation activities. Based on the policies of this plan, Kuraray works diligently to develop products compatible with the global environment.

In 2002, Kuraray Fastening opted for a complete switch to eco-friendly back coat agents free of such organic solvents as polyurethane resin that were previously used to reinforce the wrong side of woven hook-and-loop fasteners. In 2004, Kuraray Fastening perfected a new eco-friendly hook-and-loop fastener manufacturing methods that improved product quality and simultaneously eliminated the need for back coat agents, a development that later contributed to the launch of the Eco-Friendly



Using a CO


calculator, the new production process, including the lifecycle of the product-from material fabrication to disposal-realizes a 30% (figure calculated by Kuraray on a standard product basis) reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared with previous back coat production methods using organic solvents. Inquiries regarding Kuraray’s eco-friendly production from automobile makers, the IT industry and major sports apparel companies also wanting to reduce their contribution to global warming have increased along with Kuraray’s development of antistatic, heat-resistant and high-durability and other differentiated series to meet user demand.

In fiscal 2008, Kuraray Fastening plans to continue to expand production of soft-hook type, raised-loop type, and combined hook-and-loop


type products using this new manufacturing method. Kuraray Fastening will subsequently take steps to fully implement eco-friendly


production for all hook-and-loop fastener products.

Kuraray Fastening will continue to raise product quality and function levels while simultaneously working to expand the hook-and-loop fastener market and contribute to the environment through its new eco-friendly hook-and-loop fastener manufacturing method.

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