Benefits of Going Green and Becoming a Paperless Office

Environment Friendly Living

Today you will find more and more businesses becoming eco-friendly. They’re offering green solutions to customers, such as paperless billing and email notifications, and there are even some offices that have stopped purchasing paper altogether. But what good really comes out of this and is it worth joining the cause? If your business is considering going paperless, then the following benefits may convince you to move forward with your initiative.

Everything is More Organized

You can’t deny that the idea of having no paper to ruffle through can make life a lot easier. Pages get lost and misplaced all the time, making it more difficult to perform your daily tasks. Even the most organized people can mistakenly set documents in the wrong place. Losing important documents can potentially cost your business lots of money. However, putting everything on your computer eliminates this issue altogether and makes finding information fast and easy.

Communications are Much Faster

Mailing out notices and letters to clients can slow down the communication process. Email is by far the most convenient method of contact, and it’s instantaneous. You’ll also save on expenses since there’s no paper, ink or stamps to purchase. Since these items are no longer in your inventory, you can also reduce storage costs. Plus, you won’t have to worry about document shredding for the messages that contain personal data.

Gain Access to Files on the Go

The beauty of electronic files is that you can access them from anywhere. You can save documents on your smartphone, thumb drive, laptop or in the cloud to be accessed from your mobile devices. This can come in handy when you’re meeting with a client and you need to show a document you forgot to bring. Goodbye fax machines and document couriers!

Improve Data Security

One way to secure documents with personal data is to use Florida document shredding services. Document destruction is key for keeping your customers’ and employees’ information safe. Storing documents on computers is another way to do this, but this calls for other forms of security to keep breaches from occurring. Mobile document shredding services can be used to destroy data on computers before you dispose of them.

Environmental Friendliness

At the end of the day, using less ink and paper helps lessen your carbon footprint on the planet. The good news is that the switch to a paperless office will do a lot of good for the environment. According to the Environmental Paper Network, the amount of paper used in North America is reducing, while the amount of paper recovered for recycling is on the rise.

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