Best alternatives to wet wipes: the eco-friendly options you need to know about

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For years Londoners slept soundly, unaware of the beast lurking beneath them, until last year when it was revealed what was stalking our waterways.


– masses of discarded rubbish and pollution, some the size of football fields, have been found clogging up the sewage systems all over the city, growing in the years city dwellers have spent unwittingly pouring and flushing away rubbish with wet wipes being one of the biggest contributors.

This, amongst other environmental crises, has led to the government’s plan to crack down on single use plastics, which are wreaking havoc on the environment. Thanks to their largely non-


composition and the 100 years it takes them to decompose,

wet wipes look to be one of the first in line to be banned

, leaving many of us wondering how we’ll remove our makeup and clean up little ones’ messes.

From reusable cloths to cleaning sprays and biodegradable wipes, there are a number of eco-friendly companies catering to these growing environmental needs. We’ve rounded up the best – and if you need a bit more convincing just watch the video below to see the shocking effect wet wipes can have on our environment.

CannyMum Bamboo Dry Wipes

These wipes are designed to be used alongside homemade solutions, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals finding their way onto your baby’s skin. What’s more, they’re made from totally bio-degradable bamboo fibre. One of the key benefits of these (aside from their eco-friendly credentials) is their size, which is considerably bigger than normal wipes – great when you’re busy wrestling with a wriggling baby.

£24.98 for multiple packs | Amazon |

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MakeUp Eraser

Though dermatologists generally advise against using wet wipes to remove makeup, many of us still turn to them to erase the daily grime. MakeUp Eraser does exactly what it says on the tin in the form of a microfiber cloth. Completely free of chemicals, it can remove even the toughest waterproof mascara without damaging delicate skin.

With a short haired side to remove dirt and a long haired side to exfoliate the skin, it’s effectively a reusable wipe. It’s been a big hit with beauty influencers and only needs to be thrown in the wash every week to keep it up to scratch. Now that’s our kind of low-maintenance beauty tool.

£17 | MakeUp Eraser |

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Close Pop In Reusable Baby Wipes

Made from bamboo rather than cotton, these wipes are naturally anti-bacterial, making them an ideal wet wipe substitute for cleaning up mucky fingers and faces. Roughly the size of a flannel but light enough to stuff into a back pocket, once soaked in water you’ll get considerably more mileage out of one of these cloths than you will out of a Pampers. Heading out somewhere with limited access to water? Simply pre-dampen them and store in the supplied waterproof pouch.

£12.50 | Amazon |

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Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes

With the Yes To wipes it seems you can have your cake and eat it too. These are made from compostable Forest Stewardship Council approved fabrics that you can rest assured will decompose quickly and safely. Made without oils, parabens or petroleum, these are particularly kind on sensitive skin. Generously moistened, one wipe should be enough to clean your face meaning a pack of 30 should last around a month.

£3.99 | Boots |

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Harry & Rose Nappy Wipe Spray

Reusable wipes are handy, but not particularly hygienic for cleaning up nappy messes if you’re out of the house. A nappy spray makes a great compromise as it can be sprayed onto disposable tissue or toilet paper. We particularly rate the Harry & Rose option which is hypoallergenic and organic.

Made using natural ingredients, you won’t find any nasty parabens or other irritants, so it’s perfectly safe to use on delicate baby skin. Anyone who’s had to pack a nappy bag will know that multi-tasking products are the most useful and with its pleasing scent and soothing and moisturising qualities, this is sure to quickly become a changing essential.

£6 | Amazon |

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Cheeky Wipes Make Up Removal Kit

Here’s a handy little kit that’s a hybrid of a makeup wipe and a cotton pad. Including ten padded minky and bamboo reusable pads, a container for storing them in and a tube of organic coconut oil. Though you might be used to using this oil in a stir fry, it’s actually a bit of a hero product; suitable to use as a hair conditioner, moisturiser or even a makeup remover. The pads are highly absorbent and once they’ve all been used you can throw them in the washing machine.

£20.95 | Cheeky Wipes |

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Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature Wipes

Made from 99 per cent renewable plant extracts, these wipes are completely bio-degradable – easily the most virtuous wipes on the list. Soothing and gentle, they’re fragrance free and hypoallergenic, so will be kind to fragile skin too. What sets them apart, though, is that they’re made in the UK and free from animal testing, so you can support several good causes at once.

£16 for 10 x packs of 64 | Amazon |

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100 per cent biodegradable, fragrance-free, chlorine-free, chemical-free, our top pick goes to the

CannyMum Bamboo wipes


Safe to use and easy to customise, these larger than average wipes will get the job done while ensuring you won’t help feed the the city fatberg.

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