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Saving money can be difficult, but businesses have it easy. Regular utilities like lighting and heat can cost a business big if its appliances aren’t energy-efficient. Being environmentally sustainable is now a part of corporate branding, and the PR that goes along with the status can yield a high return on investment on any changes that had to be made to achieve it. Today’s market makes it easier than ever for businesses to become green-friendly with tax incentives and economical financing options available for solar panel installations.

The market is young

According to the U.S. Green Building Council,

20 percent of all new U.S. commercial real estate

production in 2013 was green-friendly. In the same year, the global market for environmentally conscious building topped $260 billion, and the USGBC expects it to top $930 billion by 2023.

More businesses are going green because the client demand for it is present. A modest 66 percent of respondents were willing to pay more for products that came from an environmentally conscious company, a Nielsen study reported. This is up from 55 percent in 2014. Businesses can entice over half of the market by switching to a practice that, in the end, will save money and promote its brand.

“This indicates an opportunity for consumer-goods’ brands that have already built a high level of trust with consumers to evaluate where best to introduce sustainable products into the market to drive growth,” said Carol Gstalder, senior vice president of

reputation and public relations at


. “On the flip side, large global consumer-goods’ brands that ignore sustainability increase reputation and business risk. This may give competitors of all sizes, the opportunity to build trust with the predominantly young, socially-conscious consumer looking for products that align with their values.”

Businesses can experience a healthy ROI by becoming green friendly.

Businesses can experience a healthy ROI by becoming green-friendly.

How to get in on the action

There are multiple avenues that a business can take to become environmentally friendly, but they all stem from two words: sustainable energy. Energy-efficient appliances are great, but ultimately they may still use non-renewable energy, which can leave a nasty carbon footprint. Solar panels harvest energy that doesn’t hurt the Earth, as well as provides a great ROI through reasonable financing and the money saved on utilities.

Generating your own energy is the safest way to know where your energy is coming from. Otherwise, your company may bill itself as a sustainable company, when in fact it’s receiving its energy from a power plant down the street.

The affordable financing options available to businesses, paired with the tax credit incentive that will save even more money down the line, makes switching to a renewable energy source like solar a no-brainer. Instead of being at the whim of the energy companies, lock down friendlier rates by generating your own electricity. The only question a business owners should ask themselves is what they will do with all of the money they’ve saved.



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