Cheap Eco-friendly methods of cooling your home

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Cooling your home may be draining you financially but you can’t do without any cooling system. The most common systems are expensive and produce greenhouses gases which damage the environment. But with the development of technology, you now have some eco friendly cooling systems you can choose from. Following a few environmentally friendly tricks can cool your home without costing a penny. Simple fixes like sealing the air leakage points and keeping out the sun or reducing the heat from the sun will

keep your home cool naturally

. Here are some great home cooling tips which are cheap and eco friendly:

Use green energy and green coolers

If your community is located near a wind energy or solar energy plant, you can buy renewable energy from them to cool the house. Evaporative or swamp coolers are a better option than air conditioners, as they do not give off any harmful gases. They cool the house by blowing the air over pads which are soaked by water. These coolers work particularly well when the weather is dry.

Energy efficient ACs

Floor and ceiling fans move the sir inside the rooms and decrease the temperature, but don’t actually cool the air. That is why, you have to use air conditioners as they cool down the air. If you’re not using energy star rated ACs, you should start doing so, as they use less power, thus reducing your power bill. The new ACs also have less or no greenhouse gas emissions. But make sure that the unit is just right for your space, or else it will use too much energy.

Install a whole house fan

These fans cost more than ACs but the cost is worth it, as the running cost is at least twenty times less than an AC. Older models can be a little noisy and if you have a big house, you may need more than one fan. These fans draw in fresh and cool air inside the home at night, while exhausting hot air through vents. You may have to improve the ventilation of your house, but the long term benefits of whole house fans can be worth the investment.

Heat shields

There are numerous ‘heat shields’ available to reduce the heat from the sun and thus keep your home cool. You can use sunscreen fabrics, window dressings, films etc on doors and windows, so that the sun’s heat is reduced during the hot summer. Windows which are double glazed have a pocket of air which acts as a barrier to heat. Curtains which are white backed can drastically reduce the heat. Painting your home’s roof with reflective paint also works to deflect heat and keep the home cool.

Choose the right panes

Window panes can make a huge difference to your home’s temperature. Panes which have low SHGC, or solar heat gain coefficient will be a good investment to keep your interiors cool in a, eco-friendly way.

Landscape your back and front yards

Planting shade trees in your back and front yard can help to lessen the heat. Plants absorb heat and release water vapour which leads to cooling the surrounding temperature. If you live in an apartment, you can have air plants inside the house, and create a beautiful garden in your balcony. This will help you stay cool naturally and gain the

benefit of fresh air

within your home.

Maintain low humidity levels

Heat causes humidity leading to high moisture in your home. This moisture can damage window seals which lets cool air escape, thus leading to higher electricity bills, and making a dent in your budget.


Insulation is the major way in which you can save money and keep your house cool in a green way. Make sure all the holes/ leakage points near the windows and doors are sealed. This will prevent cooled air from escaping and make your cooling system more effective too.

Avoid the oven

Avoid cooking in the oven when it’s very hot. Eat fresh salads and juices during the daytime.

Use LED lights

These lights do not produce heat unlike incandescent bulbs.

You can install solar chimneys, earth tubes and other passive cooling systems along with the green methods to save on power and cool your home in an eco friendly manner.

Cheap Eco-friendly methods of cooling your home

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