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What’s your least favorite cleaning chore? Dusting is one of mine. I do have some tips and tricks that reduce dust (like pet-free bedrooms and not wearing shoes indoors), but it still clings to every surface. My eco-friendly dusting tips help me tackle this chore and get it done quickly and cleanly!

Microfiber cloths are my secret weapon. They’re woven super thick to trap as much dust as possible instead of simply pushing dust around. I can use them dry or slightly damp, which I love because that means no chemicals are required. My favorite microfiber dust cloth is gold because it reminds me that I’ll feel like a queen when my house is dust-free!

I also bought a flexible microfiber duster. It wipes large surfaces like my bookcase doors but also gets in nooks and crannies, like under the bookcase and behind the sofa. And I love that the duster cover is washable.

My mom taught me years ago to always start at the top and work in a clockwise formation. This method allows dust to settle on the floor where it’s easy to vacuum. Otherwise, I just chase the dust around the house, and how needs more work?

Don’t forget hidden areas. Vents, ceiling fan blades, baseboards, light fixtures, framed artwork and electronics all get dusty and should be dusted off regularly.

Finally, hot spots get a quick once-over every day. That’s right – I dust every day! Taking a few minutes each day to do this chore means I don’t have to spend an hour at the end of the week removing inches of dust. And dusting is an easy chore to do while talking on the phone or walking my way to 10,000 daily steps.

These eco-friendly tips make dusting easier for me. If you have any other ideas, let me know. I’m always looking for ways to cut my chore time!

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