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Primary School Plays – ECO Musical For Children

Musicals For Children – ECO Friendly Messages

Save Our Planet ! is one of our most popular plays for kids. A one-act musical for ages 6 to 9. As with all our children’s plays, younger pupils can also be involved on stage through the many lively songs.

Save Our Planet !

Zarkonian Woes

Big Zed

Alien Dance

Something’s Happening


Save Our Planet !Zarkonian WoesBig ZedAlien DanceSomething’s HappeningReprise



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Eco School Musical Script, Lyrics and Music Sheets

Children’s Plays – an ECO entertainment!

Save Our Planet ! explores two important themes: caring for our environment and showing respect for other cultures. Messages about recycling and reducing global emissions are gently worked into a fun and engaging storyline about the bringing together of Earth and a fictional planet. Our plays for kids are easy to stage and tried and tested.

For more on the storyline

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and watch extracts from a great performance by Sunrise School, Bali  -



Primary School Plays – Great Singing Opportunities

Save Our Planet ! can accommodate large numbers of children as supporting aliens or narrators. As with all our plays for kids it offers great opportunities for whole-group singing. It also features two significant solo singing parts. Save Our Planet comes complete with a CD containing the backing tracks for your school’s performance, and performed versions of each song to assist rehearsals. Includes large-print script, full lyrics and sheet music for all the songs, arranged for piano/keyboard/guitar. An electronic PDF file of the script is also available to enable copy/pasting and projecting of the script to assist rehearsals – select the ‘YES’ option above before you ‘add to cart’.

Ordering (UK only):  please select either ‘with’ or ‘without’ from the below for the optional PDF file of full script, before clicking

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Royalty Free Musicals For Schools

Free Performance Licence*

For UK schools* purchasing our children’s plays we give FREE permission for unlimited public performances within your institution and local community (only).

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