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So for those of you who have subscribed to our monthly newsletters you may have already seen our ECO TIPs. For those of you who haven’t here is a list of some tips you can incorporate into your everyday life that can help you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.


Reuse your bath towels. You are clean when you are drying yourself off so you as might well save yourself from doing excess laundry.  Not only does it save water and energy but it will also save you money! Less detergent, lower energy bills, or less trips to the laundromat.


Ask for a ceramic mug. If you’re going to the coffee shop to meet up with some friends ask for a ceramic mug and say no to the nonrecyclable paper cups. Use a metal spoon to replace those plastic stir sticks.


Stop buying dryer sheets and make some for free. It’s as easy as scrunching up some aluminum foil into balls and tossing them in your next dryer load. No synthetic chemicals and less waste is created! And you can reuse them over and over again!


Avoid personal care products with micro plastic beads. A 5.5 oz. tube of facial scrub can contain up to 300,000 micro beads. Once flushed down the sink they pass through water treatment plants and end up in our waterways where animals can eat them. Eventually they may make their way up the food chain and back into us.


Time your shower. Conventional faucets have an average flow rate of 13.5 litres of water per minute. Try calculating how many litres you are using in shower. Does the amount surprise you?


When you are at a restaurant and you are not able to finish your plate, ask for a take away bag! Even if you think it’s embarassing your friends will all be envious when they see that you have a delicious meal for tomorrow. It saves you money and it reduces food waste!



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