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I found out that I had a bee hive inside of a hollow tree branch high up in the giant silver maple tree that sits in my backyard…and so I looked on Yelp for a bee removal specialist that could remove a bee hive / hollow tree branch from a fairly high tree.

I reached out and spoke with a Mercedes, and she was super helpful in coordinating a technician to come out and assess the situation.

After we messaged and spoke on the phone for a bit, a technician was sent out to my place and he cut off the hollow tree branch (with the hive in it) and removed both pieces from my property.

A day later I found out that there was still a piece of honeycomb left hanging from a tree branch with some bees buzzing around it…so I sent Mercedes a message. She quickly responded and told me she would schedule another technician to come out and clean it up. A few days later a technician came by and cleaned up the remaining hanging honeycomb piece.

A day or two later, I was bee free! The customer service was excellent and I like the 30 day warranty (they will come out and clean up any remaining bees that come back within a 30 day period)

5/5 would call again

Outstanding service very friendly professional highly recommend Valley Oaks 3.

The service was prompt and the price was right and they save the bees yay

I’ve had this bee hive inside the wall for the pass year or so. I called someone when I first noticed it to have it removed, ($300 estimate to have the hive removed and another $500 to have the wall fixed) but my idiotic brother said he could do it. After several failed attempts and numerous stings he finally gave up. So I called Family Bees Eco-friendly Bee Removal to take care of the problem.

Carlos opened up some walls, removed the bees, honeycombs and patched up the wall in a matter of hours. He was also super friendly.

It was definitely worth the money. Lesson learned, dont listen to your idiotic brother and hire a professional.

Making the appointment over the phone was quick and painless. Carlos arrived as schedule and provided an estimate to remove the beehive in a hollowed out tree trunk on the hillside above our pool. We scheduled the removal for a Saturday morning so we could geek out with the kids and watch the process (safely behind the glass doors). We chose Family Bees because they are eco-friendly – using natural products and relocating the bees after they are removed. Carlos was awesome – he was very friendly, knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He even sent us photos of the beehive before removing it. He was very thorough – the process took close to 2 hours. I thought the pricing for removal and relocation was reasonable and the efficient and professional service made it totally worth it.

Had an appointment today between 8 am and 10 am. No show and no communication from the business.

Owner said there was no appointment for 8/12, which I wrote about, but she confirmed through yelp message 13 days ago.

The phone rep, Mercedes, always answered my calls. The inspector came promptly the next day, looked around VERY briefly, and gave me a verbal quote. He gave me the company’s business card without showing his name on the card. I asked for a written estimate, but he could not do that. He said “the office would do that.” However, they never did.
I emailed them to pursue it, but did not get a reply for several days, so I went elsewhere.

We’ve had 2 bee problems in the past 3 months. Both times, Mercedes has been prompt in answering all our questions. Their pricing was reasonable, and the service they provided was top notch.
I hate having bees, but now I know who to call should they over come back. Thank you Family Bees!

We opened our BBQ to prepare dinner and found a growing ball of bees. I called and less than 24 hours Carlos was here. The bees had moved but Carlos was able to collect them and take them to a happier location. Quick, friendly and reasonable.

We had a swarm of honey bees in the chimney for about 4-5 months. We didnt want to kill the bees by removing them. Carlos did a great job and saved the bees. They cut a small hole in the chimney from the outside. Cleaned out everything, then patched the hole back up and painted it with primer. 2hrs done and zero mess! The bees are on their way to local beekeepers and we have a safe household.

Thank you Carlos!

Live person answered at 7:30 pm Monday and set up an appointment right away. Bees were on there way to a happier home less than 4 days later thanks to Carlos.

I just had the best experience with the technician, Carlos. We had a bee hive inside the wall of the house and called Family Bees to check out the problem. Carlos came out and was prompt, courteous, and professional. The written quote from Mercedes was competitive, and they were able to get the job done on the spot! Carlos removed the bees without killing them, cleaned up the area and did a great job of sealing up the bee access. We could not be more pleased!!

I found a swarm of honey bees on a tree in my front yard, so I called Family Bees for help. They came same day, and in 20 minutes the swarm was gone. Carlos was helpful, kind, courteous, on time, and explained all aspects of his process. I am so glad they do not harm the bees, and that they are ultimately taken to a safe place where they can live and be happy – elsewhere! I highly recommend this service!

I’ve unfortunately had to use Family Bees several times. Each time, they were very easy to communicate with, either by phone and email. They tend to be faster by phone. They really seem like a family run business, which means sometimes I’ve had to double check on things, or they’ve had to reschedule, but they’re always on it, and do a great job at removal. Glad I found an eco friendly, family run business.

I just had a great experience with Family Bees beehive removal! Carlos my technician was knowledgeable and nice and so efficient and effective. He spotted the entry of where the bees got in and came up with an efficient way of getting in and removing the entire large hive that was imbedded in my active/roof insulation. He cleaned it all up so they won’t return and he repaired the roof where he needed to get in to take out the hive! So HAPPY with the results!!!
Call them they are great people!!!!

We had some bees set up home in an old composter left in the back yard under a tree. We had no idea how long they had been there or how large the hive was, but they were able to give us a quote over the phone via a photo I texted to them. Super convenient since we needed to have them removed ASAP. Their communication was great.

Carlos came out a couple of days later and despite my initial disappointment that they wouldn’t just be able to take the entire composter, he really impressed. He explained to me that should they try to transport the bees inside the composter, the honey and combs would slosh around, crushing the bees and killing them. We certainly didn’t want that! Otherwise, we would have just let Orkin come and kill them all.

All in all, Carlos was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and patient. He captured about 10,000 bees and everything he said about how the remaining bees would respond was correct. He cleaned up and even moved the composter to another spot for us. We were very surprised and grateful that this was all for $200! And we couldn’t be happier to know that the bees were going to have another home in the end.

I will definitely recommend Family Bee and would use them again no question. Thank you, Carlos!!!

Wow! These guys a good! It was a big job — a hive in the attic. They had to remove Spanish tiles and cut a hole in our roof. But they did it, got the hive, cleaned up the mess and closed up the roof very professionally. No problems and good work!

After discovering a couple of dozen bees in my living room, I called several places in a bit of a panic. Left messages, talked to a couple of places that promised a callback but left me hanging. When I tried Family Bees, Mercedes answered, was very calming and professional. She determined that their technician Carlos was actually in my area, and he came about 1 1/2 hours later. He determined that they probably came through the chimney. He removed the bees and released them outside, then treated the chimney with a substance to repel further scouts.

Mercedes also told me that if Carlos hadn’t been able to come until the next day, the bees would just be resting until removed.

I am very happy with their service!

Bee Family is AWESOME!! Set up an appointment with them, all the other companies were “to busy” to come out and do the job on the spot! Not only were they very professional from my first contact with Mercedes, but Carlos who came out with his helper was FANTASTIC!! He went the extra mile to do an amazing job! He made the place spotless when he left.

I totally recommend this company. Very rare today to go get outstanding service with a smile and true gratitude. Very refreshing, I rate this family business an 11….

Mercedes stayed in contact with me as we set this appointment up for a Saturday afternoon. I was coming back and she called me to coordinate the arrival of Carlos. He arrived early, she called me to let me know. I said I was still 30 minutes away, and she said no worries he will be there waiting for you.


Carlos came out on short notice on memorial day! He was know knowledgeable, kind and professional. He showed me the bees he removed and assured me they go to bee keepers which makes me happy to know they were recovered safely and re homed for good! I will use them again and they were reasonably priced and fit me in despite being so busy. We will call and ask for Carlos if we are ever in need again.
Thank you for keeping us and the bees safe!

Honey bees problem in the chimney…Carlos was a very courteous and professional technician! He throughly remedied the issue while clearly explaining the process to me. I am extremely satisfied with the wonderful service. Thank you so much!!!

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