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Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, he never goes hungry.

Jason Meszaros, employee of Lynx Creek Unlimited, a fishing goods store in the Bashford Courts plaza in Prescott, has taught fishing to many men and women of all ages, and he explained some of the basics of fly fishing and fly tying.

“It’s not about catching; it’s about fishing,” said Meszaros. “We specialize in fly fishing. That doesn’t mean just catching trout. Just about anything that eats, you can catch, from little sunfish to sharks, and everything in between.”

As with any hobby equipment, Meszaros said that people can purchase a $60 kit containing a basic rod, line and reel to upward of $700 for a high-end rod.

“In fly fishing, as opposed to regular fishing, the weight doesn’t come from the end of the line, but from the line itself,” said Meszaros. “It’s an almost weightless fly you cast with fly fishing. The rod will bend as you cast forward. Different weights of lines are intended for different rods, and you want to factor what kind of fish you plan on catching into your choice of rod.”

Meszaros said that the lures used in fly fishing mimic natural food objects in the stream or lake that the fish normally feed on. As a Fishery Science specialist, Meszaros has an extensive knowledge of the insects and smaller fish that fish prey upon. He uses that knowledge to make lures that are uncannily similar to insects to the human eye, and indistinguishable to a fish.

“I’ve been fishing a for a long time – fly fishing for about 15 years and tying lures for 10. Still, I learn something new every time I fish,” said Meszaros. “Whether it’s a different spot or the same spot at a different time of year, I’m always learning more about fishing.”

Meszaros recently volunteered to teach a group of children in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program how to fish.

“To learn the basics of how to cast doesn’t take long,” said Meszaros. “The children were actually catching fish in under two hours. With a good instructor, you can learn to cast well in about a week, some people say, but I believe there’s no upper limit to how much you can improve, in fishing.”

Meszaros named some popular local fishing spots, such as Willow Lake, Watson Lake and Granite Basin Lake, the lake where he taught the BBBS children how to fish. Also, Goldwater Lake and Lynx Lake, the store’s namesake, are popular spots that the Arizona Game and Fish Department periodically stock with trout.

“I’m from the Appalachian Mountains. I tromped all over the world, before I came here, to the desert,” said Meszaros. “I thought, ‘Where am I going to find a place to fish? Where am I going to find a job?’ I’ve learned it’s actually a misnomer when people think there’s no water, here. That’s not true; it’s just that since water is scarcer here, it’s all the more previous and important to preserve it. Nearly 90 percent of Arizona’s riparian habitats have already been decimated; that’s a staggering statistic.”

Meszaros said he feels strongly about preserving natural lakeside environments, and has worked with the Prescott Creeks organization in its riparian preservation efforts. He also encourages fellow members of the Prescott Flycasters group, a local fly-fishing organization, to volunteer for similar efforts.

“Fishing is a hobby with a lot of history to it, and we need to preserve our waters if we’re to continue to enjoy them,” said Meszaros. “The hobby has kind of leveled off in recent years, but it’s still steadily growing; there are always more people getting ready to go fishing for their first time.”

Lynx Creek Unlimited offers fly-fishing classes three days a week on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, and lure-tying classes once a week, on Sunday. For more information, visit or call


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