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27 February, 2018

Last year’s St. Patrick’s Day campaign

was our most interactive one ever. We asked you to share a Green tip (something that you do to help our environment) and, in return, we issued coupon codes for 50% off our Green tops. We had a ton of fun running the campaign, and it yielded five really amazing results:

1. Lots of Dare Fashionistas looking GREAT in green tops for St. Patrick’s Day!

Here at Dare,

your glamour is our mission

– goal number one is to have you looking your very best in our fashion. We were SO glad to send out so many green tops and dresses so that you could feel confident (and cute!) on St. Paddy’s Day. Even though the 50% discount doesn’t leave much margin for profit, so what? If you’re looking great and feeling great, so are we!

2. Y’all shared some GREAT tips!

Because we have great customers, we were expecting some great eco-ideas, but we were blown away by the quantity, diversity, and creativity of the suggestions we received! Really, y’all outdid yourselves… we were so moved by the responses,

we felt compelled to compile them into another blogpost

, which we published on Earth Day. Imagine a world where everyone followed ALL of the suggestions in that post… well, if we can imagine it, we can realize it!

3. Amplified the collective message: “We care about the environment!”

A few months ago,


magazine put out an “Optimism” issue, edited by Bill Gates. He made the point that it can be hard to see progress, because gains are often subtle and incremental, whereas tragedy and catastrophe happen all at once and make great headlines. Over time, as a population, we have started to understand that our planet needs to be cared for and nurtured, not ruled over and tamed. We were proud and honored to, in some small way,

give voice to that understanding


4. Jump-started Dare’s Sustainability projects.

Giving voice to your “greenness” forced us to look inward – what are WE doing to help our planet? We’ve long had a

“Dare to Care” page

, where we’ve outlined our sustainability initiatives and intentions. But it’s one thing to have good intentions and another thing entirely to take action and make progress. Shortly after our

“Go Green” St. Patrick’s Day campaign

, we had a Dare team meeting to discuss the impact we wanted to have on the world. The result was the

Dare Environmental Moonshot

: to shift 90% of our production to sustainable fabrics by 2025. That goal has been propelling us forward ever since – so, thank you, for inspiring us!

5. Reminded us to make more green styles!

You’ve let us know that you love the color green! In the early days of Dare, we sold only wholesale – to other retailers who resold our styles. Whenever we put out a green colorway, it was always the least popular, so we stopped making our fashion in green. Later, when we had more communication with you, our “end-use” customers, lots of you asked for more styles in green. Well, we heard you loud and clear – in the past year, we’ve introduced four more best-selling

green colorways

to our collection. It just goes to show that good things happen when we listen to you! Please keep giving us feedback so we can improve what we are offering!

So… let’s Go Green again this year, shall we?

Please try to share a tip that is different from the one you shared last year… extra points if you share an idea that no one has suggested yet! Here are the details:

This year, for St. Patrick’s Day, we are celebrating the greenness of our Dare community, thanking those who are already making a strong environmental effort, encouraging those who are just starting out, and sharing simple ideas that we all can do to help the planet. Our sustainability celebration requires YOUR participation!

Please share one or more things

that you are doing to help the environment in the “Comments” section below. It can be something very simple such as “Turn off the water while brushing teeth” or “Choose products with less packaging” or something more complex such as “We’ve installed a rooftop rainwater catchment system and use it to water our garden.” At the end of this campaign, we’ll compile all the tips and share them via our email newsletter and social media.

What’s in it for you (besides saving the world:)? If you share a tip, we’ll send you a coupon code for

50% off


green-colored Dare to Wear item

! That will really save you some green!

Go Green! - Green Dare to Wear tops

You sure as shamrock CAN be Goth on St. Patrick’s Day!

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