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At Woodstock Hardware we have an extensive inventory of environmentally friendly, green, and eco-conscious products. We offer a wide selection of nontoxic products for every room in your home, plus for your lawn and garden, as well. We are eager to support your green-living initiatives, whether you are just getting started or you’re already recycling and reducing the chemicals in your life.

We welcome you to browse the items below to find a selection of the Green Living items Woodstock Hardware is pleased to offer. They include products that help you recycle, save water and energy, clean without poisonous chemicals, control insect and rodent populations, and support your green gardening efforts. We include the best from Espoma, Bonide, Safer, EcoSmart, Mrs. Meyers, Bon Ami, Rubbermaid, Ecoclean, Sunfeather, Delta, Speakman, Woodstream, Oggi, Summer House, Pittsburgh Paints, and more.

View the ABC’s of Green Living

Here are just some of the green products you will find on our

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Rain barrels

Organic pesticides

Compost bins

Natural fertilizers

Compost accelerator

Eco-friendly insecticides

Zero-VOC paint

Paint removers

Natural lump charcoal

Natural home cleaners

Food growing supplies

Organic pesticides

Organic animal repellent

Water/mold test kits

Natural grill cleaner

Reel lawn mowers

Hand sickles

Hand pruners

Hot water heater timers

Light timers


Spray insulation

Solar powered bug zappers

Weather stripping

Low flow showerheads

Allergen house filters

Soaker hose

Programmable thermostats

Hand crank flashlight

Recycle bins

Natural animal repellent

LED Christmas lights

And for those who want to “Go Green” but are not sure where to begin, see our thoughts at the bottom of this section.

Our Green Departments

green starter kit


Here you will find home and kitchen products that are eco-friendly, natural, and child-safe, by popular brands such as Bon Ami and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. We also have hard-to-find products including Casabella scrubs, bamboo brushes and cloths, and so much more. Our cleaning supplies include all-purpose cleaners, tub and tile scrubs, surface wipes, glass and countertop sprays, and other specific cleaners5

green lighting


Because of the Green Movement and new legislation on energy efficiency, it’s a lot easier to buy energy-saving light bulbs. Woodstock Hardware sells CFL and LED bulbs that have reduced wattage, and there are more Green Lighting devices becoming available almost weekly.

chef kitchen gift box


Saving energy and saving money go hand-in-hand. I remember hearing, “Shut off the lights when you leave the room.” That’s still a great way to save energy and money. Yes, CFL and the new LED light bulbs help. We also recommend installing a programmable thermostat to lower the temperature in your home at night and when you are at work. Also, installing a timer on your hot water heater will save energy and money. Motion activated lights eliminate leaving lights on when not needed and help with security concerns.

green paint


In just a few years, paints have changed so much. Gone are the oil-based paints that filled the room with fumes that lingered for days. Now most paint companies produce environmentally friendly coatings. This may include low VOC paint and in many cases includes zero-VOC paint. Next time you’re ready to paint inside your home, remember to ask for zero-VOC paint to keep the air clean and green.

chef kitchen gift box


Don’t forget that everything you need to paint with, besides the paint, can also contribute to Green Living. That includes stripping, thinners, drop cloths, and more. We offer a number of these products to go along with the zero-VOC paints.

recycling box


As you know, recycling saves in many ways. It saves natural resources, transportation costs, waste, and so on. Continue recycling as much as you can, and keep looking for new ways to recycle. Garden tip: We’ve seen more and more homeowners compost their table waste and end up with great topsoil for the garden.

chef kitchen gift box


We love our natural and organic soaps: They feel good and we feel good using them. This is another way to reduce the chemicals in your home and also the amount and kinds of chemicals on your body. We offer natural soaps for washing hands, dishes, clothes washing, and cleaning your home. We consider this one of the most important ways to Live Green.

saving water


There are many inexpensive and innovative ways to save water—it’s all about reducing and conserving. Fix the leaky faucets and toilets. Did you know your toilet uses the most water of any fixture in your home—more than 30 percent? Water and conservation laws went into effect in 1994, so if your toilet is older than that, replace it and save. Make sure all your faucet aerators are in good working condition. Also, use water-saving showerheads. And of course don’t run faucets unnecessarily, like when brushing your teeth.

green gardfening



Not that long ago it was hard to find one Green Gardening product but since we understand so much more about maintaining a Green Environment outside our front door, the options are seemingly endless. There are Green fertilizers, Green rodent and insect control, Green irrigation, Green crop rotation, and even Green seeds. We sell nontoxic repellent, organic fertilizers, organic insect control and traps, and so much more. Whether you’re growing perennials, vegetables, or creating a xeriscape garden, check out all the Green Living gardening products.

How to Start Living Green?

For those who have not started Living Green, the idea can be overwhelming. However, it is much easier than it seems and you can start right now. How? Well here are a few simple steps, and a few ideas to get you started thinking Green.

  • Right from the start you can begin Living Green by consuming less and thinking about reusing. It is that simple.
  • You have heard it before, “save and conserve.” Shut the lights off when you are not in a room. Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth. Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine have full loads before running them. Those simple steps our parents told us when we were little, are steps toward Living Green.
  • Recycle. Find out what recycling services your local town or city offers and make sure you are following any rules your waste management company may have for properly sorting your recyclables.

How about simply using glass containers for storage in your kitchen that can be cleaned and reused? Eliminate using products like plastic wrap and disposable plastic containers. Use less paper and fewer plastic products. Use a dishtowel in the kitchen that you can clean in the washing machine rather than paper towels. Put snacks and lunches in reusable bags rather than disposable ones. Try using biodegradable products such as kitchen size garbage bags.

Here are a few other ideas how you might begin to incorporate Green Living ideas into your daily life.

  • Install CFL or LED lighting in your home to reduce energy costs. Light timers and a timer on your hot water heater will also help reduce energy costs.
  • Reduce water usage in your home. Low-flow fixtures such as faucets and toilets can help reduce water consumption.
  • The next time you need a cleaner for your home or kitchen try a cleaner that uses fewer or zero chemicals.
  • Use an all natural repellent or sonic device to deter rodents in your home. Use organic sprays to control insects. There are many alternatives on the market!

Living Green is a lot simpler than you thought, and in most cases no more expensive. And if you consider the long-term savings that result from adopting Green Living ideas, you will actually find yourself saving money. Oh, and don’t forget: Your efforts will be helping the planet.

Don’t just “Think Green;” Be Green. Save Today and Save Tomorrow.

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