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As we scanned the papers this week for green and ethical news, here are the top tips we found on actions you can take this week.

Christmas shopping – the green and ethical way

If you want to avoid mountains of unwanted presents this Christmas we can help. We’ve put together

this handy infographic

to help you make green and ethical choices. We have also put together

this handy guide

to help you to have a greener Christmas.

If you live in Bath don’t go shopping before you have read

our guide to Christmas shopping in Bath

. Or if you are in Brighton read

our guide to the best green and ethical gift ideas in Brighton

. Alternatively you can check out our

Green Gift Guide

packed full of Christmas present ideas that you can buy online.

Refuse unnecessary packaging

Marks and Spencer came under fire last week for selling masssively over-packaged apples.

3 Baby Rockit apples have been packaged in a plastic tube

for “protection and convenience” (according to Marks and Spencer). If we want this kind of packaging to be a thing of the past then we need to let the retailers know. You can do this by refusing to buy anything that is overly packaged or buying it and then leaving the packaging in the shop. You can also contact the retailer to let them know your thoughts. Social media is a great platform for this as others can see and share your views. Lets speak out and get retailers to ditch unnecessary packaging.

Take food waste seriously

There was an interesting article on City AM last week written by Chef, Mark Hix. In it he says “

forget Brexit: Food waste is the biggest disaster we’re sleepwalking into

”. The article contains some useful tips on how to keep your food bill down after Brexit and why, if we shop locally and don’t waste food, we should not be worrying about spiraling food costs after Brexit.

So if you want to reduce your food waste this Christmas, check out this article which outlines

8 ways to reduce food waste during the holidays

. We would like to add another tip to this list and say that if you do have food left over you can now

use a food sharing app, like OLIO, to give it away

to someone who is able to use it up.

Still on the topic of food waste, we heard last week that, in a bid to reduce food waste,

the Coop has started to sell food which is past it’s best before date

. This article asks ‘

would you buy (cheap) expired food to cut down on food waste?


Campaign for drinking water fountains


this article in the Guardian

last week Nicola Davis explores the subject of drinking water fountains in the UK. She looks at how many there are, how much they would cost and what the barriers might be for increasing numbers. If you would like to see more water fountains in your area why not petition your local council. Look online to see if anyone has already started a petition in your area. In London you can sign

this petition

asking London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to “install drinking fountains in London to reduce plastic waste!”

Help fund the miracle recovery plan for our planet

Avaaz is calling on the world to chip in to make a ‘miracle’ recovery plan a reality. They say that scientists believe that if we can protect 50% of our planet from human exploitation, our ecosystem will be able to stabilise and regenerate. Life on earth will recover! Their message is clear:

If 50,000 of us chip in just the cost of a cup of coffee a week, we can make the proposal famous, face down the polluters and poachers, and campaign to get leaders to drive through a deal to save the planet at the Global Summit on Biodiversity.

Click here if you would like to contribute to the miracle recovery plan.

We really hope you are enjoying our new blog series. Remember to check back again next week for more green living tips to prevent climate change. You can also

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