Green, Yellow, or Blue tip Ladders?

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your post got some gears vturning in my head. I currently own all green tip ladders except for 2 32’ blue tip ones. I even own a 40’ green tip. I decided to do some investigating on the ratings and uses for Green, Blue, and Red tip ladders. I found this info at

INDUSTRIAL LADDER – Werner Ladders and Scaffolding SuperStore.


[B]WERNER D1100-2 SERIES[COLOR=“Red”] RED TIP [/COLOR][/B]Aluminum Extension ladder offers a 200lbs load capacity. Type III Duty Rating. This ladder is an excellent [B]household extension ladder.[/B] Some of the many features include 1-1/2″ Traction-Tred deeply serrated aluminum flat steps, pivoting extruded shoes with slip resistant pads, and modified I-Beam interlocking side rails. Spring loaded rung locks operate smoothly. Ladder comes complete with red non-marring end caps. D1116-2 is not equipped with rope and pulley.

[B]WERNER D1200-2 Series [COLOR=“Green”]Green tip [/COLOR]Aluminum Extension Ladder [/B]offers a 225lb load capacity. Type II Duty Rating. This ladder has been designed to be used in commercial work, not extra heavy duty applications. We do not recommend you use this ladder in conjunction with stages or ladder jacks. Features include: 1-3/4″ traction-tred deeply serrated flat steps, 19-1/2″ wide, gravity spring locks with spring activated nylon flipper, rugged 3″ modified I beam interlocking side rails, pivoting extruded shoes with slip resistant pads, 2-piece swivel pulley with continuous polypropylene rope on ladders 20 feet and above. D1216-2 is not equipped with rope and pulley.

[B]WERNER D1300-2 Series[COLOR=“Blue”] blue tip [/COLOR]Aluminum Extension Ladder[/B] offers a 250lb load capacity. Type I Duty Rating. When a strong, yet lightweight ladder is needed, the Werner D1300 Series Aluminum Extension Ladder is the one to choose. Manufactured from 3″ interlocking C-Channel aluminum rails, this ladder provides contractors with a strong, smooth operation. This ladder comes complete with the following features: pivoting extruded aluminum shoes with slip resistant treads, gravity spring rung locks with spring activated nylon flipper to insure positive extension, free wheeling 1-1/2″ 2-piece swivel pulley aligns rope in direction of pull, mar-resistant end caps and rail closures, and 1-3/4″ deeply serrated traction-tred flat steps. D1316-2 is not equipped with rope and pulley.

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