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A high-performance, efficient home isn’t reserved for only new construction. Any home can offer the benefits of resource efficiency which not only increases comfort and performance, but can also boost its value. Some simple fixes and upgrades are key to not only immediate savings, but also improving the property value as a whole. All Zip Code East Bay agents proudly hold the National Association of Realtor’s® Green Designation, and thus can help you take actionable steps to improve your home’s market value and identify green alternatives.

Our focus on environmental sustainability is rooted in the background of our founder, Josh Dickinson. Before getting into real estate, Josh worked for 15 years as an environmental engineer in non-profit, academia and the private sector, with a focus on water reuse and reclamation. Today, we continue to employ his environmental interests and passions in real estate and therefore, take environmental awareness and action very seriously.

Zip Code East Bay provides financial and logistical contributions to help make your home more energy efficient, we regularly share tips and resources on how to increase environmental sustainability, and creatively partner with local green businesses to ensure that our footprint is light but our efforts to enact more green lifestyles are far-reaching.

Understand in greater detail some of the benefits of sustainable homes and lifestyles with these downloadable handouts from the National Association of Realtors



Green Your


What is a Green Home?

Home Energy




Home Insulation and Caulking

Better Indoor

Air Quality

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