How Can You Make an Ecofriendly Daily Routine?

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How Can You Make an Ecofriendly Daily Routine?

Your Normal Day – Do You Have an EcoFriendly Daily Routine?

This is a Guest Post by James Scott


reating a safer and greener environment for ourselves and our kids is an ongoing movement.
protect the environment by creating an ecofriendly daily routine
No matter how hard we try, it always feels like someone is doing more harm than good. The “global warming hoax” as some people like to call it is making our planet warmer and warmer each year.

As it continues to do so, we will have huge problems with weather, climate and the environment as a whole,

making life very difficult

for everyone.

What can we do individually to combat climate change and make our daily routines more ecofriendly? Read on for 6 great ways to make sure


life has an ecofriendly daily routine.

EcoFriendly Daily Routine #1: Resource Awareness

conserve water for ecofriendly daily routine
For starters, knowing how much resources we are spending each day is a good indicator that something is going on. For example, we

use far more water on a daily basis

than we need to, often influencing the global climate in a bad way in doing so.

Like water, electricity, paper and sustenance are taken for granted everywhere we go. Educating ourselves and our children about the resources we are spending on a daily basis is a good way to start our journey towards a more ecofriendly lifestyle. Writing on basic paper instead of recycled is resource-unaware, not to mention the ability to use devices instead of paper.

EcoFriendly Daily Routine #2: Home-prepared Food and Nutrition

home cooking for ecofriendly daily routine
You might know the phrase “mom’s cooking” and what it actually means for every one of us. We secretly crave home-cooked food because it tastes better and is made by someone close to us. Not only that, but cooking food at home also introduces an important health aspect into our diet.

Do you know

how many fats and nasty additives

find their way into fast food and restaurant dishes that we so desperately crave when we are outside? These additives and fats have severe adverse effects not only on our body but on the environment as a whole.

While you shouldn’t go fully vegan if you don’t find the notion attractive, knowing where your ingredients come from is an important step in the right direction. Preparing food at home and using organic ingredients in order to do so, as well as

eating less factory-farmed meat

will help to slow climate change and it will make you and your family healthy and happy.

EcoFriendly Daily Routine #3: Cutting the Smokes

cigarettes - not ecofriendly daily routine
Smoking has huge consequences not only on our health but on the environment as well. Cigarette smoke is one of the deadliest smokes in the world,

causing hundreds of thousands of people to grow sick

and pass away because of passive smoking.

The effects of global warming are directly linked with cigarette smoke in a way that is hard to ignore. And if you smoke, you are causing your colleagues, friends or children to become sick from passive smoking.

Try smoking less and less with each day and substitute your cigarettes with nicotine tablets or small snacks that can keep you interested. Or

consider e-cigarettes – they are still addictive

, but less harmful to health and the environment.

This is one of the most important things you can do in order to make your environment more eco friendly and make a positive impact on both yourself and your family.

EcoFriendly Daily Routine #4: Information Through Internet

electronic news - ecofriendly daily routine
Informing yourself through the internet is much

more eco-friendly than buying newspapers

and putting them aside. You can get fresh information and updates instantly, without waiting for next week’s print to be out.

Not only that, but you can also take part in the

essay writing contest

to spread the word about the issues of the environment!

Investing some money into an affordable tablet device and subscribing to a couple of news outlets is a much greener option than buying printed papers. While you won’t stop the companies from printing more papers, you will be helping to reduce the effects of global warming.

EcoFriendly Daily Routine #5: Cycling or Walking

avoid cars for ecofriendly daily routine
The toxic fumes coming out of motorized vehicles are nothing new to talk about. However, recent studies have confirmed that there is much more to fear than initially thought. Cars cause not only pollution and an unsafe breathing environment but also

harm the people sitting


the car

, especially children.

Scientists are hard at work designing affordable ecofriendly vehicles. Until they become widespread, you can do your part and walk or cycle every time you go out of the house and head somewhere relatively close.

Even using public transport is a better option than firing up your own car – it takes one vehicle out of the day’s pollution. You will not only

live in a greener environment

by doing so, but you will also be more fit and healthy as a result of walking and cycling.

EcoFriendly Daily Routine #6: Reusing and Recycling

reduce reuse recycle for ecofriendly daily routine
Recycling any paper, plastic or packaging materials you have in the house is a benefit to the environment. While throwing everything into one black bag seems simple enough, sorting the trash and putting everything into its respective bin takes a bit more time to do.

The same rule applies to apparel or house appliances. Instead of throwing away your old clothes, an iron or a TV, why not donate them? There are charities and low-income families all over the world that would love to have something you don’t need anymore.

Be a conscious person and

recycle instead of throwing away

and leaving things out in the street. It will make the environment more ecofriendly and make you feel better about what you are doing in your life.


Creating an ecological environment to live in and turning it into a daily routine takes a little time and effort from the entire family. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of changes in your everyday life if you choose to become more eco-aware. Don’t give up just because the beginning might be tough – you CAN make a difference, and you will leave a much better place for your children to live in as a direct result.

Guest Author Bio:

James Scott is an experienced writer and co-founder of

Essay Supply

. He is a bit of musician, a bit of a dreamer, a bit of an introvert. He fancies doing different researches on social issues in the world and is fond of protecting our planet from human harm.

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