How Hawaii will become U.S.’ most eco-friendly state

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If we are envisioning and working towards making a Mega Cebu by 2050, let’s turn to Hawaii for inspiration.

Hawaii seeks to become the most eco-friendly state of the United States of America as this small state aims for a 100% renewable energy power by 2045. This means that electricity provided by all electric companies in Hawaii will be from renewable energy sources like solar and geothermal.

Hawaii’s clean energy initiative was influenced by their state’s high electricity price. It was


that their electricity costs three times that of the national average price because they are dependent on fossil fuels which are imported.

Just like any other green transformation initiatives, they have faced rough roads:

  1. The Hawaiian Electric Companies, which comprises the state’s three major electric utilities, was criticized for the slow conversion of renewable energy.
  2. High interconnection fees and monthly surcharges are discouraging residents to invest in solar.
  3. Without storage, services are in a bad situation to balance all the energy the solar can generate.
  4. They still don’t have the


    to do everything yet.
  5. Some residents who have installed solar had complained because they have to wait for 18 months for their systems to be interconnected to the grid or to the network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers.

However, with every challenge comes an effort to address it:

  1. Hawaii has promoted the “cheaper alternative” of fossil fuel, which is solar. One of every eight homes in Hawaii are already solar-powered, and roughly 10% of the state’s electricity comes from solar.
  2. Another quarter of Hawaii’s electricity are already from geothermal sources.
  3. The bill they sent for legislation was approved by majority of Hawaii’s state legislator. The legislators vote was 50-1 which passed the bill and a Senate vote of 24-1.
  4. They have forwarded the bill to the governor’s desk. Once signed, they will start generating electricity from renewable energy.
  5. The state is also undergoing a transition in their level of electricity consumption.

If Hawaii could do it, we sure can as well. What do you think of Cebu becoming Mega as well as 100% renewable by 2050? Leave us your comments below.

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