New Technology That Helps You Become Eco-Friendly

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New Technology That Helps You Become Eco-Friendly
An increasing number of people are looking for ways to become more Eco-friendly. Manufacturers are starting to respond to this demand from average consumers. There are a few new technologies that will help anyone to become more Eco-friendly every day.

Solar Chargers

The newest solar chargers are inexpensive, lightweight and very effective. These small devices hook into a cell phone or mobile device and will charge the item as long as sunlight hits the panels. Some chargers come in innovative shapes that fold out like flowers to expose more surface area to the sun. A few newer chargers use flat sticker-like cells that can attach to backpacks or jackets so that it is possible to charge devices while on the move. Solar chargers lower carbon output and reduce energy.

Energy Audit Devices

A number of energy auditing devices are now available for the home. These work by measuring the average energy usage of appliances or other electronics. The devices plug into an outlet and have digital readouts. Some even transmit data wirelessly to a smart phone or computer. The devices can show what items in the home are using the most energy. These items can then be replaced with electronics that are more efficient. Some auditing devices even provide information about how much carbon each outlet or appliance is producing.

Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems give homeowners complete and easy control over every device attached to the network. This can include every outlet and fixture in the home in extensive installations. An added benefit is that many home automation networks include

alarm systems for residential

houses that increase safety. Homeowners can use these systems to turn off lights and appliances automatically when not in use. They also allow programming that can cycle settings on thermostats or appliances based on the time of day or even the movements of residents.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are becoming more sophisticated. These appliances use sensors, user programs and other factors to adjust energy and resource usage while working. They can also send reports to home automation systems or mobile devices if a problem occurs that affects efficiency. Smart appliances improve the Eco-friendliness of a home without requiring much action from the owner. There are currently smart washers and dryers, refrigerators and ovens that all use as little energy as possible.

An Eco-friendly lifestyle means finding ways to reduce energy, water and resource usage every day. Information from energy audit devices needs to be combined with settings on home automation systems to lower the carbon footprint as much as possible. This also includes taking personal steps to use less water and to reduce appliance usage when appropriate.

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