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Nature in itself is a huge inspiration to go green, from taking a hike around Gatineau Park to a less intense stroll around the lovely Confederation Park Ottawa; nature gives us a million reasons to preserve it.

Starting off by supporting local businesses committed to crafting the most wholesome and ethical products is a good start. Restaurants like The Red Apron Ottawa and stores like Lush handmade cosmetics are great to support since they believe in preserving nature with their organic products. But is there a way of taking it even further than supporting local restos and Lush products?

I always thought you couldn’t get more eco-friendly than having a garden. Growing your own crops, harvesting them, cooking and eating only the freshest vegetables sounds like the ideal way to lower your carbon footprint and ensure the healthiest diet.

The benefits to becoming eco-friendly are endless; it’s cheaper, less wasteful and in the long run, will help our planet in more ways than you know.

When opening your garden this year, keep these eco-tips in mind to get the most out of your crops!

Use vinegar instead of chemical pesticides – Mixing two parts vinegar to one part dish soap has proven to be a pretty effective weed killer. Be a little careful when spraying your garden though, try to only get the weeds, since vinegar is non-selective, it may end up hurting your precious veggies!

Save your broken eggshells – Bury the eggshells in your garden to discourage slugs and to add a little calcium to the soil.

Use toilet paper rolls to start your sprouts – If you’re starting your garden inside, use the rolls to get the sprouts started, when you’re ready to transfer the sprouts into your garden, just take the entire roll and plant it. The paper roll will decompose and it will make it easier to plant the little guys.

Java in the ground – Coffee grounds are rich in all sorts of nutrients that would do better in the garden than the garbage, save your coffee grounds in a compost bin or add it to your soil to instantly fertilize your garden with nitrogen, magnesium and other trace minerals.

Sunday earwig catcher – No use for that old newspaper or flyer? No problem! Margaret Tourond-Townson of the local Canadian Organic Growers chapter says she likes to use old newspapers to catch pesky earwigs. Crumple the newspaper and leave it in the garden overnight; the earwigs will gather on the damp paper and in the morning you can remove the paper and dispose of the earwigs how you see fit!

The tastiest vegetables come from a garden made with love and care, so after implementing these tips to cut down on your waste and maximize the health of your backyard oasis, make sure you sit back and enjoy it with your favourite Ontario wines.

Who said going green meant going without!

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