The BEST eco friendly school supplies that kids will LOVE

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The Best Eco Friendly School Supplies

Back to school shopping can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages.  They get to pick out all sorts of new clothes, school supplies, shoes, and maybe even a new haircut!  It can also be a time of overconsumption, where we spend too much money on too many items that we are not even going to end up using.  Whenever possible, I get natural products that can be used time and time again and back to school is no different!  If you are anything like me, then you will enjoy this list of ideas for eco friendly school supplies that your kids will be sure to love!

I have been a

bit of a tree hugger

for a while now.

My father has called me a little hippy since I was in high school—a badge I wore with honor!

So, when we were pregnant with Little Mister, I knew that I wanted to raise him to be as earth friendly as possible.

Now that he is going to kindergarten next year, we get to continue our practice of being earth friendly by shopping for eco friendly school supplies!

But really, even if you are just looking to reduce some waste in your day to day life, this list is full of good ideas!

Pro-Earth Notebooks

Whether you are looking for notebooks that are made from recycled materials, sustainably made, or both I have you covered!

Personally, I look for paper that is recycled even when looking for office printer paper.

It is both recycled and sustainable.

The Green Store

has really good prices on their back to school notebooks.

Be on the lookout in your typical shopping place (like Target or Wal-Mart) because they usually will carry recycled paper goods.

You can also of course, purchase these from Amazon.

No waste Lunch supplies

This is one of my favorites and I am going to have to hold myself back this year from buying too much!

I use a lot of containers and eco friendly options at home and on the go, so it is definitely something that gets used!

This year, I am going to use the Bento-box style lunch box (style below) for Little Mister for most days.

You can pack an assortment of foods in these boxes and it makes it pretty fun too!

For items that need to be kept warm, using a stainless steel insulated container is definitely a smart way to go.  I am a fan of Klean Canteen because of their durability.

Earth Hero

has these insulated containers as well as a few other options so check those out!

Try putting your kids favorite lunch drink in a stainless steel bottle.

I love Klean Kanteen’s bottles for on the go for little ones.

They don’t leak and they last for YEARS!!!!

For a DIY and natural solutions to ice packs, use this

little trick from The Make Your Own Zone


Go-to bags, backpacks, and pencil cases

My go-to for backpacks and bags is definitely

second hand goods


Most kids use their back packs for one school year and then want to get another bag.

While some bags are probably torn up and abused, some are perfectly fine to use another year.

That being said, if you are in the market for a new bag, backpack, or pencil cases this year, just be on the lookout for PVC, Vinyl and plastic free products.

This way you know that they are probably a bit better for the earth.

Shoot for canvas bags if possible.


I kinda fell in love with this bag (for my kindergartener) and the matching lunch bag that goes with it!  They have a few more really cute prints too!

Petit Collage Backpack Space

This bag by Whittier Kids is a heavy duty bag and would be great for the older kid.

Lunch Bags

Lunch bags should meet the same requirements as the backpacks…and there are so many to choose from!

I am loving Bentology’s designs for smaller kids.

Bentology Lunch Bag and Box Set for Girls – Includes Insulated Bag with Handle, Bento Box, 5 Containers and Ice Pack – Kitty

Pencil Cases

Etsy is a fantastic place to find pencil cases that are made from recycled material or

upcycled material


So many of them are cute and kid friendly too!

If Etsy is not an option for you, try getting a pencil case made from canvas and not the ones with a vinyl “window”.

I know these are a recommendation at a lot of schools so these below are a great option and actually what we will be buying this year.

Emraw 3-Ring Pencil Pouches – Bright Color Pencil Pouch with Zipper Pockets for 3-Ring Binder Pen Holder Case, Cute pencil bags with zipper for Girls and Boys (6-Pack)

Other eco friendly school supplies

Ditch the plastic writing utensils if possible like mechanical pencils, and kick it old school with recycled pencils.

There are wooden ones and recycled newspaper ones online.

If you are shopping in stores, be sure to look for recycled pencils and pens or sustainably made products.

There are so many products that you can purchase that are kind to our earth and no too hard on the budget either.

I hope that this helps you find the perfect notebook, bag, backpack, and more supplies for your kids as they head back to school.

Even getting one eco friendly product is considered a win for trying.

Just one step in the right direction, that is what we all need to do!

This is my first year shopping for back to school supplies, what about you?

Are you a back to school novice or pro???

Images of eco friendly school supplies with lettering
Images of eco friendly school supplies with lettering

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