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Although sparklers make a picturesque exit, it’s time to mix things up. If you dare to be different try a couple of these options.


Eco-friendly confetti

. The confetti actually dissolves, so that the paper does not spoil the grass or harm the wildlife. It’s also a very reasonably-priced option. You can purchase it




Lavender Filled Cones

: We have to credit

the Knot

for this ingenious idea.  What a unique idea for a summer exit (that smells good too!). To try this DIY idea, simply use recycled paper to create cones for the lavender buds. Then give them to guests right before the big exit. After the wedding, the lavender  biodegrades, so it won’t harm the environment or curious critters.


Eucalyptus Leaves

. From cake decorating to chair decorating, eucalyptus leaves are the current floral wedding trend. Did you know that you can also toss them for an eco friendly wedding exit?


Rose Petals

. Our lovely bride Leanna not only walked down an aisle of rose petals, she left in a flood of rose petals. Guests lined the path to her vintage Bentley exit vehicle and showered her in delicate white petals. This option is biodegradable, so it’s perfect for outdoor exits.


Home-made ribbon streamers:

A couple weeks ago, our gorgeous bride, Carrie, exited to her horse an carriage while her guests waived ribbon streamers. This options is easy to clean up and can be recycled if they are made with wooden handles.



. What a dreamy, romantic way to exit. Other than the plastic containers, bubbles are an environmentally-conscious option because they don’t leave waste on the ground. (It’s also really fun for your guests.)

7. Bird Seed: This option actually benefits the surrounding wildlife. It’s safe and cheap while creating a unique, creative exit that you will never forget.

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