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When my clients ask about solar power, one of the first questions is, “How much of my home can you power?” The answer is, “As much as you want!” One of the easiest ways to do this is with the automatic solar generator we started to discuss in our last article. With summer being so hot, no one wants to sweat. If you want to have free, clean power throughout your home or business whenever BPL shuts down — or if you just want to save money on your electric bill — this is a solution worth considering.

First, a quick recap: the solar generator runs silently, without fuel and produces no fumes. That means it can be safely installed indoors or out. It’s powerful enough to provide for your whole property, yet portable enough to be used for special events or off-grid construction. In fact, a quality solar generator can do the job of five different types of generators all by itself:

1. Uninterrupted power source (UPS) — providing you with clean power instantly and automatically whenever the grid shuts down.

2. Portable generator — using its power to propel itself on wheels, it can be installed wherever you need it. Since it produces no toxic fumes, it can even be installed to run indoors if desired.

3. Residential backup generator — connecting directly to your home’s electrical panel to power as much of it as you like.

4. Renewable energy power station — integrating seamlessly with new or existing solar panels and small wind turbines.

5. Home control center — allowing you to control when to send power to the grid and when to send it to your generator.

Let’s consider the benefits of two of its jobs: UPS and backup generator. These are what let your unit instantly turn on as soon as it detects BPL has cut off. Similar to a regular generator with an automatic switch, the solar unit does this so quickly that you likely will not even realize that BPL has cut off. It will then continue to provide power until the grid is restored (or its massive storage is depleted). At that point, the solar generator will automatically shut itself off and recharge.

It is hard to overstate the convenience of having a good night’s sleep with air-conditioning, getting to work the next day, and only then finding out that the power was out for several hours the night before. You could sleep right through and not know it, because your solar generator silently kicked in when the power went out and shut itself down when BPL was restored — all without you doing a thing.

The most basic solar generator has a huge 14kW of stored power and 6kW of continuous output. To put that amount of power into perspective, it’s like running all the lights and TVs in an average home with the fridge for over 12 hours; or running all the lights and TVs in an average home with the fridge and a solar A/C for over six hours through the night. If you’d like even more power, this can easily be expanded — either upfront or down the road.

But what happens if power goes out during the day? If a blackout hits during the day (or if power is out all day because a hurricane has just passed), I want power then, too! Can the solar generator receive power from the sun at the same time it is powering my property? Yes! Your generator can charge while it is in use. The solar panels add power in while the home is taking power out, so it can run much longer.

In fact, we can connect a solar system that puts in MORE power every hour than you consume. This means after a few hours of running, your solar generator would have more stored power than when it started.

As a UPS, your solar generator provides uninterrupted, clean, pure sine wave power, with built-in spike and surge protection. It can power something as small as a sump pump or as large as a building when the grid fails. Once the job is done, any energy that was used gets instantly restored by the on-board charging system — which is flexible enough to charge from the grid, or from your regular gas generator, or from the solar system tied into it. You get to choose how you want it to charge. And, very conveniently, it’s completely maintenance free.

As a backup generator, your solar unit connects directly to your electrical panel to power as much of your property as you like. With an automatic two-way transfer switch, this makes it an ideal solution for homes, churches, and small businesses (or vital parts of larger businesses). However, it is also an excellent backup for locations without a grid source — such as remote islands, construction sites or scenic events. Whether you are in the middle of the bush or on a boat in the middle of the ocean, you will have the best form of electricity at your fingertips.

In our next article, we will consider some of the other benefits of automatic solar generators. You can use a solar generator to save money on fuel and BPL, to contribute to a greener Bahamas, and to enhance your quality of life today. Does that sound right for you? I think it should. Why not talk with your local green solutions expert to get started?

Joshua Key is the general manager of SuperGreen Solutions Bahamas, located on Wulff Road next to FYP. SuperGreen Solutions leads the market as one of the premier advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions, making it truly a ‘one-stop, energy-efficient solution shop’. Having been in the energy efficiency industry for over 19 years, the founders have established a solid reputation spanning five continents. SuperGreen Solutions is different because it looks at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view to provide clients with total solutions.

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